Indian Employees Spend 7% Of Their Day In Traveling; Most Indians Consume Digital Content In Office Hours!

Most Indians Consume Digital Content In Office Hours
Most Indians Consume Digital Content In Office Hours

We have a kaleidoscope of stories we’ve decided to bring to you today and it fits in well perfectly. According to a report by MoveInSync Technology Solutions, an average Indian spends 7% of his day in travelling to his office averaging less than 3 minutes per kilometer. In fact, Indians spend maximum time in office commute when compared to other countries, spending 2 hours on the road.

Another gripping revelation comes from offices. It has been revealed in a survey that Indians spend more than an 70 minutes everyday on online video platforms, consuming content maximum during office hours, from 10 am-6 pm.

Way to go!

Indians Spend Maximum Time in Office Commutes

In a report titled ‘Travel Time Report Q1 2019 vs Q1 2108’ published by an office commute platform MoveInSync Technology Solutions,  an average Indian spends 7% of their day in commuting to office averaging less than 3 minutes per kilometer.

On the basis of data collated from Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, it has been found that the average travel speed across these 6 cities state that it takes  2 minutes and 26 seconds for the Indian IT sector to cover a distance of just 1km.

In terms of office commute, it has been founded that

  • Chennai travels the fastest with a speed of 25.7 kmph
  • Bengaluru and Mumbai travel the slowest with an average speed of 18.7 and 18.5 kmph
  •  Hyderabad and Delhi-NCR travel at 21.2 and 20.6 kmph speed respectively.

Compared to Q1 of 2018, the Q1 of 2019 has a different story to offer:

  • Chennai saw an increase of 12% in the average one-way distance traveled and 8% increase in average commute time.
  • Bengaluru saw 3% drop in average one-way commute time and 12% decrease in average one-way distanced traveled.
  • Hyderabad saw an increase of 9% in average one-way commute time.

Also, Monday (like the way it is hated) marked the worst day of week in all six cities to travel to work with the highest average one-way commute time.

Most Indians View Online Videos During Office Hours: Survey Says

In a survey conducted by KPMG and Eros Now, it has been found that the favorite time for most Indians to spend on online videos and platforms is from 10am to 6pm, which happens to be during office hours. They spend more than around 70 minutes per day on online video platforms, with a consumption frequency of 12.5 times a week or more than once a day, as per the report.

This report was made keeping in mind surveys from over 16 cities across the country. While the customer sets weren’t very even, there lied homogeneity in terms of consumption frequency and duration across age groups, income levels and genders.

 Nearly 87 per cent of the respondents consumed content on their mobile phones, with nearly 28 per cent of the respondents consuming content during the traditional office hours. It is also found that people today are more attracted towards original and gripping content. This forms a major role in picking one OTT platform over another.

Around 30 per cent of the respondents prefer watching content in languages other than Hindi and English, especially towards southern part of the country.

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