[Exclusive Interview] This Startup Promises Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For Businesses To Scale Their Content Marketing

Recently, we interacted with Mr. Ayush Shukla, Creator & Founder, Finnet Media, and asked him about his startup journey, and their plans to disrupt the ecosystem with ideas and passion.

[Exclusive Interview] This Startup Promises Out-Of-The-Box Ideas For Businesses To Scale Their Content Marketing

With a B.A in Economic Honors from Delhi University, Ayush learned the nuances of networking and explored it for his self-growth by building a strong network of creators and influencers during his Committee Head days that included acquiring the license for TEDx for his college. It was here that he also realized his potential and inclination towards digital marketing and he started his freelancing journey and podcast journey with Mini Adult Troubles.

Thanks to his podcast Mini Adult Troubles, he got in touch with multiple influencers and content creators and soon realized that every content creator needs a companion with a strong spine to help them strategize their steps in the right direction. This is how he started Finnet Media in 2020. 

Although started as a side hustle and its Fastrack growth catapulted it into a full-grown agency. To date, Finnet Media has worked with over 100 digital creators and 40+ brands like Anushka Rathod, Sharan Hegde, Shivanshu Agarwal, Caslynn, Groww, Smallcase and more. 

Here are the interview highlights:

1. What are the challenges that you have faced so far? 

Each creator comes with a different set of strengths – the biggest challenge and the biggest differentiator for us is to create a personalized approach for all. We are strong believers of customized solutions and hence all the brands we service as well as the creators we work with are approached differently. The constant ideation is challenging yet it keeps us going effectively. 

2. What are the market strategies that you have adopted?

We don’t have a marketing strategy as such, we believe that our work should speak for itself.  Our core focus is always focusing on the creators, focusing on good work that we have been doing and making sure that we are making our clients’ lives easier. I think word of mouth has been our biggest support system. 

3. What are the growth opportunities in the field of being a finance content creator?

Given the nature of work, content creation opens many avenues for individuals – from research to content writing to making videos, one ends up developing  a very varied skill set. Hence one can explore and grow by launching their own IPs, talk shows, courses or even write books on personal finance. The idea is to expand the knowledge pool while building a community. 

4. What are your future plans in the next 5 years?

The next five years is a long way ahead, but what I can surely say is that the next few months are very exciting. We are on the way to a huge change in the entire creator ecosystem, with SEBI regulations coming in, we are certain that the sector will be more regularized – this will give us the leverage to market products better and increase the authenticity of our offering. 

We look forward to welcoming this change, working with quality brands and creating value for all stakeholders – consumers, brands and creators!

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