Our Editorial Policy

We are a 15-year-old news blog, focussing extensively on business and tech news. In the last 15 years of our existence, we have published more than 21,000 blogs, written by more than 120 authors from across the globe.

Our Mission:

  • To provide impartial, and accurate news to our readers
  • Empowering our readers to understand the news in the most non-complicated manner
  • To support and encourage readers to learn and understand business and technology
  • To adhere to all laws incorporated by Govt of India related to news publication

Here is our Editorial Policy, that we strictly adhere to, and ensure its 100% compliance at every stage of the journey.

Freedom Of Expression & Responsibilities

We exercise our right to express our thoughts and views, as bestowed by the Indian Constitution under Article 19(a), which states: “All citizens shall have the right

to freedom of speech and expression”.

This freedom to express without any prejudice and pressure is at the heart of our operations at Trak.in. At the same time, we understand our responsibilities and duties, related to freedom of expression, as mentioned in our Constitution, and we wholeheartedly strive to maintain the balance. 

Public Interest 

We at Trak.in operate and function in the Public Interest: We strongly believe that our readers deserve to know the truth, and opinions that relate to their field of interest, and in general existence. We seek to establish truth and showcase the same to the public without any interference or prejudice. 

Accuracy & Truth

We always present & report accurate and true data points, news and statistics, related to any news stories we publish, and we have established proven systems and mechanisms to ensure this, for every single story we publish. 

We always strive to present the truth, in its most raw form and allow the readers to make their own judgments based on the facts and truth.

Fair & Transparent

Our news stories are fair and transparent: We promise and pledge that the title/cover image of every story relates fully with the content showcased in the main body and that there is no ambiguity between these two. 

We don’t want or wish to deceive our readers with incorrect, wrong or ambiguous story headings, and click-baiting, because that is an unfair business practice, and totally against our editorial policies.

Government Laws & Regulations

This is a non-negotiable editorial policy: We are 100% compliant with all Govt rules and regulations, related to the news and publishing industry, and the Internet business in general. 

Under no circumstances will we ever break or violate any Govt law, and every word we publish strictly adheres to the Govt laws, without any miss. 

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