What Is Trak.in?

Trak.in is India’s leading business and tech news blog, which was launched on May 1st, 2007 by Arun Prabhudesai. Since then, more than 20,000 news articles, blogs, opinions and insights have been published on this portal, generating millions of views from all across the world.

We cover news and opinions on a wide array of subjects within the business and tech domain that includes (but not limited to) Govt policies, Stock Market, Entrepreneurship, Startups, Mobile ecosystem, Indian Railways, Smartphones, Gadgets, Innovation, Ideas and Leadership. 

Our millions of readers wait eagerly for our in-depth coverage of the biggest news in the business and tech world, and follow us diligently for our unabashed and neutral opinions on the burning issues in this domain.

Mohul Ghosh is the CEO of Trak.in, managing day to day operations of the portal, and ensuring that our readers are able to consume the best content available online. We are supported by a team of writers, bloggers and opinion-makers who are spread all over India, writing and contributing to the success of Trak.in.

Who Is Arun Prabhudesai?

Arun Prabhudesai left a lucrative and promising IT Consultancy career in the US, and came back to India to launch Trak.in in 2007. This was atleast 13 years before the concept of Make in India took momentum, and this happened because Arun strongly believed that the future lies with India, in India. 

He took a leap of faith while launching this business news portal, with a strong conviction that Indian startup and technological ecosystem will expand and swell to break all records. 

And in 2021-22, we are witnessing the exact same thing.

Armoks Interactive is the parent company founded by Arun, which acts as the umbrella for all other digital assets created by him.

What Is Armoks Interactive?

Trak.in is part of Armoks Interactive, which has emerged as a leading media company and production house of India with more 1 crore subscribers and fans. Via Armoks Interactive, Arun has nurtured and grown:

Trakin Tech: India’s fastest growing Youtube tech channel in Hindi with 8 million subscribers

Trakin Tech Marathi: One of the biggest Youtube Tech channel in Marathi with almost 500,000 subscribers

Trakin Auto: One of the fastest growing Youtube auto channel in Hindi with 200,000 subscribers

Trakin Ke Funde: A new age, digital entertainment channel on Youtube with 1.5 lakh subscribers

Trakin Shorts: An innovative Youtube tech channel with bite-sized videos for fast consumption.

Trakin English: One of the popular English language Youtube channel covering business, tech and marketing

We Care; We Think; We Produce

For the last 14 years, we have been creating honest content for our readers with one single aim of writing and reporting the truth, and nothing else.

We care deeply for the Indian startup ecosystem, the tech innovations that are happening in India, and the way the business world is molded by Govt policies and programmes. 

Our plan is to expand our domain of expertise and include more and more business/tech related news for our loyal readers, and to make Trak.in a leading source of accurate, timely and impactful news.

This is just the start..

Email: arun-at-armoks-dot-com

If you have any suggestions / issues / request about content published on Trak.in. You can send us an email or fill in the form given below.

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