3 Biggest Changes Of iOS 16.2 Update That Every iPhone User Should Know!

In its latest update Apple said that it is preparing for the iOS 16.2 update for iPhones across the world.

Notably, like the previous release, there are a couple of changes coming for the iPhones. 

3 Biggest Changes Of iOS 16.2 Update That Every iPhone User Should Know!


iOS 16.2 Update Release Date

So far, Apple has not announced a release date for iOS 16.2 update.

Reportedly, the beta version has been out for a while now and the latest update has given a fair idea about all the new changes coming to the iPhones. 

Despite having a large list of small changes, there are three big features that are claimed to elevate the iPhone experience significantly.

For the unawares, the iOS 16.2 update is currently available in only the beta channel.

If you want an early look then you will need to sign up for the Apple Beta Program. 

Rumor mills suggest that Apple will release the iOS 16.2 update sometime around December 12. 

But, the big news here is that this update has a big thing planned for Indian iPhone users as well.

iOS 16.2 Update Big Features

1. Always On Display Mods

So far, the Always On Display feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has been a big topic of discussion.

It seems that Apple has complied with the users request to provide a simplistic Always On screen. 

In this iOS 16.2 update, users will be able to turn off the wallpaper and the notifications on the Always On screen.

2. 5G Support in India

It will also enable the support for 5G networks on compatible iPhones in India. 

In simple words, this will allow users of iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14 series and the iPhone SE 3rd Gen on Airtel and Jio networks to witness faster 5G data speeds.

3. Freeform App

This feature is meant to please creators who swear on their iPhones for everything. 

With the Freeform app, users can draw and insert sticky notes, text boxes, shapes, photos, videos, links, PDF files, and more. 

Please note that the Freeform app is also available on iPad and macOS platforms.


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