Beat The Burden Of Medical Inflation With A Health Insurance

As disease rates rise and medical technology develops, treatment costs climb. It’s essential to understand that medical costs are not exclusively associated with hospitals.

Beat The Burden Of Medical Inflation With A Health Insurance

The cost of prescription drugs, diagnostic procedures, ambulance and operating room fees, consultations with doctors, and other costs are also constantly increasing. All of them could put a big strain on your finances if you are unprepared. Paying a reasonable annual health insurance premium allows you to choose high-quality care without worrying about the cost and avoid the burden of medical inflation.

Startups in the healthcare industry have advanced and brought to consumers services as well as health insurance plans that are pocket-friendly with the ease of access and availability.

  •  Loop Health – The platform, founded in 2018 and focused on offering group health insurance to businesses, has 30 highly skilled in-house doctors and offers family doctors to every employee. In addition to health insurance, the website offers its customers free wellness courses twice a month. Individuals can design their own health plans that include team wellness activities, unlimited medical visits, and live chat support at all hours. Additionally, Loop Health offers four times per month health webinars for practises like yoga, zumba, meditation, and other ones, at minimal costs. Their internal mental health counsellors are also available for unrestricted consultations throughout these seminars.
  •  PlumHQ- Start-ups, small enterprises, and big organisations may all get group medical insurance with Plum, a comprehensive employee benefits platform. Without copays, waiting periods, or obtrusive tiny print, PlumHQ offers comprehensive employee health insurance. Plum has developed a dashboard tool for tracking healthcare coverage as well as a quicker WhatsApp claims process. Sequoia Capital and Tiger Global have both made investments in the platform.
  • MediBuddy – A platform that provides full-range digital healthcare services, including online doctor consultations, lab test bookings, drug delivery, business health insurance, and wellness services. MediBuddy’s wide range of products for all players in the healthcare industry enable finding, utilising, and monitoring healthcare simple, real-time, and practically paperless. By doing this, MediBuddy ensures that each and every person’s healthcare needs are satisfied.

Goes without saying that the healthcare sector as a whole should focus on making benefit adoption easier for businesses while also making sure that everyone throughout the value chain—from insurers to healthcare service partners—can easily exploit these advantages. This is true despite the market’s enormous expansion potential. As a result, this will help to emphasize trust and quality more, which are crucial elements for drawing in and keeping end users.

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