Bengaluru Will Get Free WiFi From Cisco; Google Maps Is Powering City’s Traffic Signals!

Google Maps Is Powering City's Traffic Signals
Google Maps Is Powering City’s Traffic Signals

Things are definitely looking up Bengaluru! There are traffic signals in the city that are enabled by Google Maps, which is one of the most advanced technologies in traffic signals.

For those who don’t know much about Bengaluru, a segment of the city is named ‘Electronic City’, and these traffic signals have been installed in this part of the city.

Additionally, Cisco has joined hands with Google with the progressive intention of providing high-speed wi-fi at public places all over India. As a pilot, this project is already up and running in Bengaluru.

Read on to know more about the new developments in Bengaluru!

Traffic Signals Running On Google Maps

Currently, Bengaluru has three types of signals running in the city: automatic, adoptive and red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) signals. And now, there will be a new signal technology working in the city. 

Dynamic signalling technology is being used in the traffic signals, which employs Google Maps to assess the magnitude of traffic, which in turn is used to adjust the timing of the traffic signals. As of now, six signals in the area of Electronic City have been updated with the Dynamic Signalling technology.

As per Rama NS, Chief Executive Officer,  Electronics City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA), “This technology has been introduced in West Phase at the SBI (Toll) Junction, Siemens Junction, Paramount Junction and Wipro Junction in synchronised mode and at RS Junction and Oterra Junction.

How Does It Work?

First and foremost, Google collects data about traffic congestion and sends it to the traffic signalling system. This helps the signal system determine the time needed for traffic to move in a particular direction, and the green signal is displayed in the appropriate direction.

This will help the commuters avoid traffic and travel in a convenient way. Such technology has already been implemented in many other countries such as the US and Germany. 

Cisco To Provide Free Wi-Fi 

Cisco has collaborated with Google and announced its plan to provide high-speed wi-fi fully free of cost across India.

Sajith Sivanandan, Managing Director and Business Head, Google Pay and Next Billion User Initiatives, India, said, “The results from gStation’s railway station roll-out have been hugely encouraging, and we’re delighted to join hands with Cisco to broaden gStation’s coverage in the city of Bengaluru.”

The company plans to implement gStation platform and has already been set up at 25 locations in Bengaluru as a pilot. Google has declared that there will be 500 more locations in Bengaluru in the next few months.

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