New Google Pixel 4 Leak Out: Motion Sense Feature, Face Unlock Support Confirmed

Google Pixel 4 leaked
Google Pixel 4 leaked

The upcoming Pixel 4 series remains one of the most talked-about smartphones of the year. While the company already shared a few renders, Pixel 4 leaks continue to pour in. With the launch just a couple of months away, the upcoming Google smartphones will soon start to trend across the globe.

After a cold phase with Pixel 3 series, the internet giant is leaving no stone unturned for the next generation series smartphones.

Among all the earlier leaks, Pixel 4 was leaked to be featuring a punch-hole display design technology. The company faced a huge backlash last year for a massive notch on Pixel 3 XL, and the regular Pixel 3 with an outdated 18:9 widescreen design.

The company will opt for a full-screen design this time, without any notch or pop-up sensor.

The company will use a cut-out on the display to store in the front camera sensor. Among all the major flagships, Samsung was the first company to use a cut-out on the display for the tenth-generation Galaxy S smartphones. The upcoming Pixel 4 will also have similar design with minimal bezels.

Google Confirms New Features For Pixel 4 Series

Google has officially confirmed that the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones will come with two new features: motion sense and face unlock. Previously Google also confirmed that Pixel 4 will come with a square-shaped rear camera module, something like we saw on Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

Even the upcoming iPhone 11 series is expected to come with the same style of cameras.

The leaks show the new iPhones with a similar square shaped rear camera module. The company shared a render last month revealing the camera design and bezel-less display. Now, the company has confirmed two new Pixel 4 features: Motion Sense and Face unlock.

That means, the Pixel 4 devices will be able to detect motion. You can use motion for an action. It’s a first time time feature for a Google Pixel smartphone alongside the Face Unlock feature.

Google has been working on Motion Sense for long now, a feature the company refers to as ‘Soli’. According to the company, it has been experimenting with Advanced Technology and Projects team (ATAP) for the past five years to develop a seamless motion detection sensor on a smartphone.

How Will Motion Sensor Work On Pixel 4 Smartphones?

The upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones will feature the motion sensing detector, a first for any Pixel smartphone. The Motion Sense feature will let you to use the device without touching it.

So, just make hand movements, and Pixel 4 will work for you.

The Pixel smartphones already have the squeeze feature. Now the Pixel 4 smartphones will be able to work on movements. Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are going to be the first devices to come with Soli, powering the all new Motion Sense features.

So, you can use your hand movements on the upcoming Pixel smartphones to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls

All by just by waving your hand over the device, and done.

It’s going to be an AI-based feature where the capabilities will get better with time, and the motion sensing feature will evolve with time. The face unlock feature on Pixel 4 smartphones will use a facial recognition technology that will be processed on the device without any data being shared.

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