Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Vs Hotstar: Which Is The Best & The Cheapest? (Strategic Comparison)

Strategic Comparison: Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar
Strategic Comparison: Amazon, Netflix, Hotstar

People nowadays prefer watching on-demand video streaming apps instead of regular television, and given the wide range of channels available, there is no doubt that such streaming platforms will soon replace the regular television.

With the incredibly cheap prices of the internet made available to the country by the various telecom providers, more and more people are turning towards these platforms. 

The top three leaders in the online streaming industry are Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, and we have brought to you the perfect comparison between the plans that these three offer you!



Hotstar has recently been named the numero uno online content streaming services of India. When they live-streamed the World Cup of 2019, Hotstar clocked as much as 100 million viewers on their platform. Apart from the World Cup 2019, Hotstar’s popularity boosted when they became the only platform in India to broadcast the final season of Game Of Thrones

Hotstar offers three different plans for its users. The yearly plan is for Rs. 999, the monthly plan is for Rs. 299. They have recently introduced the VIP account which charges Rs. 365 for the whole year. 

Hotstar also streams all Indian shows earlier than their actual broadcast, and has all the other shows on its platform as well. Also, if you can’t find time to go and watch newly arrived movies in the theatre, Hotstar is the best platform for you, as you can find the newest movies on this channel.


Netflix is the go-to platform for all youngsters of today and that it has introduced the world’s cheapest mobile-only plan for Rs. 199 is adding fuel to the fire!

Other than that, Netflix also has other plans such as the basic plan which is for Rs. 499 per month wherein you cannot run Netflix on two screens at the same time. Another standard plan is for Rs. 649, which allows you to watch on two screens at the same time. 

As a matter of fact, Netflix has a wider variety on its platform, offering exciting choices for every age group.

Shows like Sacred Games and Delhi Crime have been exclusively made for India, and have become big hits.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers its users a monthly subscription of Rs. 129 and a yearly subscription of Rs. 999. There are only two packs available for this streaming service. 

Also, an Amazon Prime Video subscription also brings with it a faster delivery from Amazon and some great deals on the e-commerce website.  If you’re an employed millennial, who spends half the time online instead of going out, Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video is just for you!

Our Verdict: The Cheapest & The Best Video App

Here is a detailed comparison of the prices of all the three leading OTT (Over The Top) apps:


DurationTariffPer Day Expense
Hotstar Premium – AnnualRs 999Rs. 2.74
Hotstar VIP –  AnnualRs 365Re. 1 
Hotstar MonthlyRs. 299Rs. 9.97

Amazon Prime

DurationTariffPer Day Expense
Annual PlanRs 999Rs. 2.74
Monthly PlanRs 149Rs. 4.97


DurationTariffPer Day Expense
Basic – MonthlyRs 499Rs. 16.33
Standard – MonthlyRs 649Rs. 21.63
Premium – MonthlyRs 799Rs. 26.63
Mobile Only – MonthlyRs 199Rs. 6.63

Now, if we consider only the ratio of price and the benefits offered, then Amazon Prime wins hands-down. Especially if you are into online shopping.

However, content-wise, we found Netflix to be far better, compared to Amazon Prime or Hotstar.

We would like to know your views as well! Do share your opinions and comments right here.

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