Beware! Torrent Of Game Of Thrones Has Viruses/Malware; How To Watch GoT Online, Legally?

Game of Thrones Illegal Download

Fans of the Game of Thrones series have been waiting for the launch of the final season of the series with bated breath. But here’s something to remember: however impatient you are for the final season, do not resort to downloading pirated files from Torrent.

Just like the characters fight to ascend the infamous iron throne, so is the malware attempting to infiltrate your laptop when you download pirated files on the Torrent website. As per reports released by Kaspersky, the well-known anti-virus company, there are virus-writers who hide malicious software and virus behind illegal download files.

Game Of Thrones Has Highest Infection Rate

Apparently, popular TV series and movies are the ones which are downloaded the most illegally. While some people choose to pay and watch the good stuff on paid subscription networks like Netflix, there are some who try and find a way out of the rules.

To dive deeper into the scenario, Kaspersky conducted an examination of the popular rating websites, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. 31 popular shows were selected. Files were downloaded from the cloud service of these shows, which helped detect the malware that Kaspersky users came across

As per reports, Game of Thrones, inspite of the absence of new season launch in 2018, 20,934 users were affected by malware. The series has the highest rate of infection, which is 17% of the total infected pirated content. Within the two years that have been studied, there were about 33 types and 505 families of virus in the GOT files.

The other shows included in the list are The Walking Dead, Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, Suits, and This Is Us.

How To Watch GOT?

Keeping your devices’ best interests at heart, we have brought to you ways to watch the endgame of the legendary series in various regions:

How to Watch GOT in India?

You can watch GOT in India Hotstar Premium, which costs around Rs. 999 per year.

How to Watch GOT in the US?

A cable TV connection is not needed in the US as there are other options too. One is HBO Now, whose subscription costs $15 per month, approximately, Rs. 1,040. Additionally, there is Hulu, Prime Video Channels and The Roku Channel too.

How to Watch GOT in the UK?

In the UK, you can watch GOT on Sky’s Now TV service, whose subscription costs £8 per month, approximately Rs. 720.

How to Watch GOT in Australia?

In Australia, GOT will be streaming on Foxtel Now at A$25 per month, which is approximately Rs. 1,230.

How to Watch GOT in Canada?

Canada’s Bell Media’s Crave service streams the final season of GOT at C$20 per month, which is around Rs. 1,030.

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