Netflix Launches Rs 199 Mobile-Only Plan In India; This Is Netflix’s Cheapest Plan Globally!

Netflix launched mobile-only plan at Rs 199 per month
Netflix launched mobile-only plan at Rs 199 per month

World’s biggest on-demand video streaming app: Netflix has just introduced a mobile-only plan for India.

This will cost just Rs 199 per month, which comes down to Rs 6.33 per day.

This is Netflix’s cheapest plan, anywhere in the world, and India has become the 1st country to have this mobile-only plan.

This announcement was made by Netflix during an event called ‘Netflix House’ in New Delhi.

Some facts about this mobile-only plan, which has been announced by Netflix:

  • By paying Rs 199, Netflix users can stream content on mobile. Desktop/laptop access will be stopped
  • This plan also covers tablets powered by Android and iOS
  • Rs 199 mobile-only plan will only cover SD content, and HD content will not be accessed
  • India is the first and only country to have this mobile-only plan from Netflix
  • This is also Netflix’s cheapest plan, anywhere in the world

Netflix’s Mobile-Only Plan: Developments So Far

Earlier, we had speculated that Netflix’s mobile-only plan will be priced at Rs 250 per month or even shortened to Rs 65/week, and will launch in October.

The basis of this speculation was that, Netflix had started a trial run of this mobile online plan in Malaysia, which costed somewhere around Rs 250 per month.

However, Netflix has now decided to opt for Rs 199/month tariff, which will make it even more affordable for the average Indian to access their content.

Reason Behind Netflix’s Mobile Only Plan

Netflix has been facing some huge losses in the US, and they were under pressure to introduce a revolutionary new plan for developing market like India.

On the other hand, apps like Amazon Prime and Hotstar have already captured the Indian market, and Netflix had to introduce something drastic, something unconventional to gain market share, and to entice users.

This, Rs 199 mobile only plan can be the perfect strategy.

However, despite launching their cheapest plan ever, Netflix is expensive than Hotstar, which is India’s #1 OTT app, and Amazon Prime, which is considered as Netflix’s biggest competitor.

Hotstar VIP is charged Rs 365/year, which is Rs 30 per month and Hotstar Premium is Rs 999/year, which is Rs 83 per month.

Amazon Prime Video is also charged Rs 999/year, or Rs 83 per month.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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