India Pakistan World Cup Match Becomes Most-Watched TV Event; Hotstar Clocks 10 Crore Viewership!

India Pakistan cricket matches have always been adrenaline-pumping and the excitement levels in the two countries are sky-high, to say the least, before the matches. 

The India Pakistan match in the World Cup of 2019 has been no different. The match has gained an unexpectedly large number of viewers, about 229 million viewers, which is 60% of the total viewership of the whole tournament.

Hotstar has even recorded its highest ever numbers, and all thanks to the match between the two neighbour nations and their ever-prevalent differences!

India Pakistan Cricket Match Becomes the Most-Watched TV Event

The tension between the two nations has always been so taut that it can be cut through with a butter knife, and that probably is the reason behind the high numbers of viewers!

As per the viewership measurement agency BARC India (Broadcast Audience Research Council), India Pakistan match was the most watched TV event of the league. A total of 27 matches that have been played in the ICC Cricket World Cup of 2019. 

The whole ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament garnered about 381 million views, of which, 229 million were accounted for the specific match between India and Pakistan. 

As far as impressions go, the whole tournament clocked about 311 impressions, and India Pakistan match recorded 67 million impressions. For those who don’t know what impressions are, impressions are the quantity number of viewers in thousands of a target audience who watch the event, averaged across minutes.

The match took place at Manchester, and there is news that says that organisers got around 8,00,000 applications for tickets at the stadium which has a total capacity of 23,000 only. 

Hotstar Clocks 100 Million Viewers: Highest Ever

The Star Network has independently clocked about 206 million viewers for the India Pakistan match, and 367 million viewers for the whole tournament. The channel broadcasted the match in several different languages,  English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, and Malayalam. 

Star Network’s OTT (Over The Top) streaming platform, Hotstar, also recorded 100 million viewers on the day of the match, which is the “largest ever single day reach” on the platform. 

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