Mumbai Has World’s Worst Traffic Flow; Rs 41,000 Crore Is Lost Per Year Due To Insane Traffic!

The Netherlands based TomTom, which makes navigation technology and consumer electronics have released their Traffic Index report, which tells that Mumbai has the world’s worst flow.

India’s capital New Delhi is the only other city in this list and is positioned at #4 position.

Did you know that $5.92 billion or Rs 41,000 crore is lost, every year, due to the congestion of traffic in Mumbai.

Mumbai Has World’s Worst Traffic

As per TomTom’s Traffic Index 2018 report, Mumbai tops the list of 403 cities, which has the worst traffic flow. It has 65% congestion level, something which cannot be witnessed anywhere else.

Bogota from Colombia has 2nd worst traffic, whereas Lima in Peru has 3rd worst traffic.

Our own national capital: New Delhi is positioned at #4 position.

Greensboro-High Point in USA has the world’s best traffic flow, with congestion level of only 9%, followed by Cadiz in Spain, Akron from the USA, Syracuse from USA and Little Rock from the USA.

Interesting Details About Mumbai’s Traffic

TomTom has covered 96,524,453 km of Mumbai roads, and checked for traffic congestion level: While 56% of all highways are congested, 73% of non-highways are congested in the world’s most congested city.

March 2nd, 2018 was the best day as per traffic congestions in Mumbai, whereas August 21, 2018 was the worst day, with 111% congestion!

80% of the time in mornings, Mumbaikars will find traffic congested, meanwhile, in the evening, it is 102% congested.

The city, it seems, is suffocating itself.

You can find the entire report here.

Rs 41,000 crore Wasted Due To Traffic Jams In Mumbai

In April this year, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) did a research on the state of traffic jams in India, and found that total of $22 billion was lost, due to traffic snarls in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

$22 billion is Rs 1,51,800.

Out of this, $5.92 billion or Rs 41,000 crore is wasted in Mumbai alone, resulting from traffic jams.

During peak time, commuters in these four cities, on an average, spent 149% additional time on their travel from point A to point B, compared to other Asian countries.

The overall cost of these traffic jams were calculated after finding out man-hours lost, t, pollution, and accidents (health costs) incurred on an annual basis.

It is high time that Govt. should come up with traffic solutions, and give relief to the common man.


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