Hotstar Beats Netflix, Amazon Prime To Become India’s #1 OTT App; 30 Cr Indians Use Hotstar!

Hotstar Beats Netflix, Amazon Prime To Become India's #1 OTT App
Hotstar Beats Netflix, Amazon Prime To Become India’s #1 OTT App

HAccording to MoMagic survey, Hotstar has emerged as the most preferred OTT (Over the top) platform in India.

World’s leading media Service Provider Company Netflix has stayed behind in the race as Walt Disney’s Hotstar won the heart of entertainment seekers in India.

Hotstar is preferred by 41 percent respondents while 26 percent preferred Amazon Prime Video and only 9 percent showed their interest in Netflix.

If you are confused in selecting between these three platforms, here is a strategic comparison.

Hotstar Has 300 Million Subscribers; More Than Amazon Prime and Netflix

A recent RedSeer Consulting report said that Hotstar has around 300 million subscribers while Amazon Prime Video has 13 million and Netflix has 11 million subscriptions.

In the meantime, other OTT platforms like Zee5, VOOT, Arre and SonyLIV are also gaining popularity.  

MoMagic is a fast-paced, innovative, Data Science driven mobile tech organization. It has conducted a survey for a better understanding of consumer choices and preferences for consuming online video content is concerned in the OTT and DTH segment in India.

This survey was done by MoMagic-invested platform mChamp on OTT and DTH providers.

MoMagic Survey and Its Findings

It was conducted in India with 7,500 respondents (unique no) for the months of June, July and mid-August for around 3 months.

The findings will amaze you with a clear picture of the consumer’s inclination towards these entertainment platforms. 

1.       55 percent of the participants prefer to watch and consume content (TV shows/movies/sports) on OTT platforms while 41 percent prefer DTH.

In the above chart, disruptive OTT platforms are giving a tough fight to traditional DTH providers. 

The reason behind this could be that they are available anytime, anywhere, on any device and affordable internet data plans. 

Arun Gupta, CEO and founder MoMAGIC Technologies, said that “OTT is the way ahead with mobile becoming the be it all, however brands and marketers cannot discount the DTH. With more than 40% still preferring DTH, it’s still a long way to connect with the Other India and that is what presents an opportunity and market for companies to tap on. Going ahead, we expect OTT to grab additional share but DTH will continue to remain relevant. There will be segmentation going forward; generation accustomed to DTH will continue with that where as the generation Z will be aligned to OTT.”

2.       Hotstar has emerged as preferred online platform to watch content with 41 percent respondents. While 26 percent choose Amazon Prime Video and only 9 percent selected Netflix.

3.       In the last six months, 85 percent of participants have at least once watched content on top OTT platforms like Hotstar, Amazon Prime. 15 percent response was ‘not using any OTT platforms.’

4.       70 percent of the respondents consumed OTT content on mobile phones while 26 percent used TV (Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chromecast etc.) sets. There is a huge difference because mobile is the preferred choice to watch OTT platforms due to ease of use and cheap mobile data plans.

5.       31 percent of Indian consumers preferred to watch original and platform exclusive content (Web Series /short films). 30 percent responded selected Sports (Cricket world cup may have impacted the survey), 19 percent opt for movies and 18 percent gone with TV shows.

6.       When it comes to preferred genre, 45 percent like to watch comedy while 23 percent selected action. 19 percent choose drama and 13 percent voted for horror.

7.       Around 69 percent respondent paid to watch content on OTT platforms. This indicates that consumers are ready to pay for more premium services if priced economically. (Chart reference)

These figures clearly indicate that OTT platforms are doing an outstanding job in online video streaming – consumption in India. 

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