Canara Bank ATM Fraud Alert: This Is How Fraudsters Are Stealing Your Money From ATMs!

This Is How Fraudsters Are Stealing Your Money From ATMs
This Is How Fraudsters Are Stealing Your Money From ATMs

ATM frauds are increasing at an alarming rate and the skimming of ATM cards is one of the primary ways that fraudsters are adopting to siphon money off unaware customers. 

A skimmer was detected in an ATM in Delhi by a conscious citizen who put it up on social networking sites giving people an idea of the ongoing cheating ways. 

Canara Bank, while responding to the incident has also promoted an app that will make the security tighter on the cash withdrawal in ATMs. 

Find out how to use the app and how to protect yourself from such cases of ATM frauds. 


ATM Card Skimming in Canara Bank ATM of Delhi

A twitter user by the handle @rose_k01 posted a video on Twitter, saying, “Your card can be cloned at ATMs ? This ATM had a camera & chip installed very cleverly. WATCH video to see what to check before using ATMs ?.”

The bank was prompt in taking notice of the incident and had the skimmer removed swiftly. They also took care to tweet back to the person who pointed out the skimmer. 

Their tweet says, “Hi Rosy, we, at Canara Bank take strict measures to safeguard our customers. We immediately located and removed the skimmer from Gowtami Nagar, DELHI ATM & no data has been compromised. You may use our Canara MServe app to switch off your Debit or Credit card when not in use.(1)”

How Do Fraudsters Steal Your Money From ATMs

As shown in the videos posted above, the fraudsters install two separate cloning units in an ATM.

One of this unit is attached where you insert your ATM card, and this copies the information on your card.

the other unit is a camera unit placed right above the keypad, which comes with a battery and a memory card as well. this camera unit records all your information that you divulge to the ATM machine for the fraudsters to use later.

Canara Bank Promotes Canara mServe Mobile App

Canara Bank has spread awareness about the bank’s app, mServe Mobile App, for safer ATM transactions. 

The bank said, “Now your ATM cash withdrawals in Canara Bank ATMs get safer and more secured with OTP facility on cash withdrawals above ?10,000 in a day. This additional factor of authentication protects from unauthorized ATM cash withdrawals for our card holders.”

  1. Customers can switch off their credit cards or debit cards when the cards are not being used. This will not let anybody without authority use your ATM cards. 
  2. All the ATMs of Canara Bank around the world will be installed with anti-skimming and terminal security solutions. 
  3. If a customer wishes to withdraw an amount of Rs. 10,000 or more from any ATM of Canara Bank, an OTP facility has been put in place as an extra security feature that will also curb unauthorised use of ATM cards. 

In addition to that, the bank is taking care to keep all its customers alerted through SMSes and other social messaging sites. 

How To Check For ATM Skimming Systems?

Make sure to take a few precautions so as to not become a prey of ATM frauds like this:

  1. Check the ATM booths if there are any hidden cameras.
  2. In the slot where ATMs are inserted, check if there is any skimmer attached.
  3. Check the slot from which the cash is dispensed from the ATM.
  4. If you see any mysterious people lurking outside the ATM, stop all operations immediately and go to any other ATM. 

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