Massive ATM Fraud In Kolkata: 32 ATM Card Holders Robbed Of Lakhs Via This ATM Fraud

Massive ATM Fraud In Kolkata: 32 ATM Card Holders Robbed Of Lakhs Via This ATM Fraud
Massive ATM Fraud In Kolkata: 32 ATM Card Holders Robbed Of Lakhs Via This ATM Fraud

ATM skimming fraud hits again. And this time, its 30 people in one go, and there might be more. 

Yes, 30 people have complained of being scammed of huge amounts of money from their accounts within three days. 

This has happened in the southern part of Kolkata, and the police have suspected ATM skimming as the method criminals have used to loot money. 

Find out what went down in Kolkata, right here!

More Than 30 People Robbed Of Money From ATMs In Kolkata 

More than 30 people from Kolkata’s Jadavpur area have filed complaints with the police that huge amounts of money have been withdrawn from their accounts within three days. The victims had all used the ATMs of private and nationalized banks around Sukanta Setu at Jadavpur in the southern part of Kolkata.

As much as nine complaints were lodged at the Jadavpur Police Station, which gradually went up to 32, and most of the complainants are salaried people. As per the police, the most probable reason behind this fraud is by ATM skimming. 

A senior police officer said, “As per the complaints, several lakhs of rupees were withdrawn from ATMs using some dubious method. These seem to be a matter of ATM skimming. We are analysing the complaints. Fraudsters seem to have used some old data of customers which they had gathered earlier.”

The victims have also registered complaints at their respective banks as well.

Money Stolen Despite Not Sharing Credentials With Anyone, Victims Claim

All the complainants have maintained that they haven’t shared their ATM cards, or its PIN and other credentials with anyone, and yet they have fallen prey to such a scam. 

Shyamal Karmakar, who is a bank employee, received messages of Rs. 10,000 being withdrawn from his bank, and he said he hadn’t used the card. 

Another victim is Barun Halder who claimed that his wife lost several thousand rupees in transactions that she did not do. Halder said, “We have not shared details of our account or our debit cards with anyone. We never at any point of time shared any OTP (one time password). Despite that, we have lost our money.”

Be extremely alert of ATM skimmers attached to ATMs before carrying out any transactions. If your bank allows cardless cash withdrawal, we recommend that you prefer going that way to save your hard earned money from being robbed. 

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