Vivo V17 Pro India Launch: To Come With Six Cameras, Notchless Display, New Processor & More!

Vivo V17 Pro will have 6 cameras!
Vivo V17 Pro will have 6 cameras!

After tasting some good success with the V15 Pro, the company is now set to disrupt the again with an upgraded Vivo V17 Pro with a total of six cameras. The initial leaks are out, and it confirms that the Vivo V17 Pro will come with six cameras, front and back, a better notchless display with thinner bezels, new processor and upgraded features.

The Vivo V15 series still remains a popular choice for buyers in the sub-20,000 segment.

The Vivo V17 Pro India launch is expected to happen this month only in September, which may include two smartphones under the V17 series: the regular Vivo V17 and the top-end Vivo V17 Pro. The company is yet to confirm the launch, but the key details and specs are out. Here’s more details about the upcoming Vivo V17 series.

Vivo V17 Pro Will Come With Six Cameras: What’s In The Box?

To carry with the legacy, the V15 Pro successor will come with six cameras in total, front and back. Vivo V17 Pro will house four cameras at the back and a dual camera pop-up system upfront. The image leaks confirm a rear quad camera system on Vivo V17 Pro, and a dual front camera system inside the wide-sized mechanical pop-up sensor.

The image leaks show thinner bezels with a slight chin down under. The company will carry with the notch-less design technology to offer a more enhanced immersive viewing experience.

The upcoming Vivo V17 Pro will come with a dual selfie pop-up camera system on the front, an upgrade over the current single camera sensor.

The four rear camera module on V17 Pro has been placed in a vertical manner in the middle of the rear panel.

So, the Vivo V17 Pro will have a wider pop-up selfie sensor shaped like an iPhone-X styled wide notch. The company have placed six cameras in total, a dual camera setup upfront inside the pop-up selfie sensor and a four camera setup the back. The Vivo V15 Pro came with a total of four cameras, three at the back, and one upfront.

Vivo V17 Pro Features: V17 Pro Variants & Specs

Vivo V17 Pro is soon going to become the first smartphone from Vivo to come with a dual pop-up selfie camera system. It will be one of the first companies to use a dual selfie sensor inside a pop-up camera. Also, the screen-to-body ratio will see an upgrade over the predecessor with thinner bezels and a slight chin.

The leaked images doesn’t have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. So as the Vivo V15 Pro, the upcoming Vivo V17 Pro will also come with an in-display fingerprint sensor, confirming an AMOLED display.

Vivo V15 Pro was the first smartphone in the country to feature a pop-up selfie camera at under Rs 30,000, before the market was flooded with more affordable pop-up camera smartphones.

An upgrade over the three camera system on V15 Pro, the Vivo V17 Pro will come with a quad rear camera setup as the new Realme 5 series, Redmi Note 8 series and upcoming Realme XT. As an additional feature, it will also pack in a dual selfie pop-up camera system. Vivo V17 Pro will reportedly be available in two colours: Light Blue and Dark Blue.

Vivo V17 Pro India Price: Again At Under Rs 30,000?

Vivo V15 Pro became the first smartphone in India to bring in-display fingerprint technology and pop-up sensor at under Rs 30,000. The company will again try to remain competitive with Vivo V17 Pro. The Vivo V17 Pro India price is expected to be somewhere around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000.

The V17 Pro India launch will happen in September, but the company is yet to confirm an official date. Probably it will happen in the second or third week of September.

Vivo may launch Vivo V17 Pro at similar pricing as the predecessor, and the regular Vivo V17 will have slightly toned-down features. Vivo will also be unveiling another Z-series smartphone in the country this week, an upgraded version of the popular Vivo Z1 Pro, the Vivo Z1X.

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