Realme 64MP vs Redmi 64MP vs Xiaomi 100MP: How These Latest Camera Technologies Differ?

As Xiaomi and Realme are prepping up to launch world’s first 64MP camera phone, the former is getting ready with a 100MP smartphone camera. Both Xiaomi and Realme stormed up to take up the crown of becoming the first smartphone in the world to come with a 64MP camera system.

Realme 64MP vs Redmi 64MP vs Xiaomi 100MP: How These Latest Camera Technologies Differ?

The Realme smartphone will come with a four camera setup at the back, and Xiaomi will launch it’s under Redmi series.

Realme CEO Madhav Sheth shared photography samples and the 64MP camera samples are mesmerizing.

The results seem interesting, and this would be a huge competition for some of the smartphones with the best cameras in the market, and now the 100MP camera technology is supposed to be the future of camera smartphones.


Realme 64MP Camera Smartphone: Realme 5 Pro / Realme X Pro

Realme will probably be the first company to bring in a commercial 64MP camera smartphone, but Redmi could also be the first. Realme unveiled its 64MP camera technology at an event in Delhi yesterday. The Realme phone is expected to be Realme 5 Pro, and the quad-camera system will include the high-resolution 64MP Samsung GW1 sensor.

The four camera system will additional have an ultra-wide-angle camera, a 4cm macro lens and a 2x telephoto camera.

While the name is not known yet, many renders hint at to the much-awaited Realme flagship, Realme X Pro, but the current reports suggest Realme 5 Pro.

Leaving the naming thing apart, the Realme 64MP camera samples have already been shared. The company CEO has teased images with the “64MP AI Quad Camera” watermark. The smartphone will further add AI effects to add in the best of details, filters and adjust according to different lighting conditions.

Redmi 64MP Camera Phone: Redmi Note 8 Pro / Redmi K30 Pro

Xiaomi too will be using the 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 before Samsung. The company recently came out with a teaser stating to unveil its 64MP camera smartphone on August 7, which would make them the first company in the world to launch a smartphone using a 64MP sensor.

Many reports hint it at to be the next Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone, which would come with the Samsung 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor.

Also, a new leak is out hinting at Redmi flagship running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus. This could either be Redmi K30 Pro, or some other flagship under a new Redmi series with a four camera setup at the back featuring the new 64MP Samsung lens as its primary sensor.

Realme 64MP vs Redmi 64MP : How Good Is It?

While the smartphone industry is yet to get over the 48MP camera hangover, now it’s the 64MP getting ready to take on the market. Realme will probably be the first company to bring in a commercial 64MP camera smartphone, but Redmi could also be the first.

The Xiaomi brand is yet to make any official announcement, but there have been rumours that the company is working on a 64MP camera smartphone.

Samsung is also working on its own 64MP camera smartphone, Galaxy A70S, and interestingly both the Realme and Redmi devices would be using the sensors manufactured by Samsung.

The market is now flooded with 48MP camera smartphones, and now soon it’s going to be 64MP camera devices.

The 64-megapixel camera will soon be competing against the full-frame DSLR cameras.

The recently shared pictures prove top HQ images with colour accurate description and detailing. Both Realme and Redmi would use the Samsung-made GW1 sensor, and Realme will probably be the first 64MP camera smartphone debut in the country.

Xiaomi 100MP Camera Phone: Mi MIX 4 / Redmi 100MP Phone

According to the rumours, the Xiaomi 100MP camera phone is going to be Mi MIX 4. It’s going to be the first smartphone to come with 100MP camera technology. The 100MP device has been confirmed by Xiaomi global team. Xiaomi India MD Manu Jain also confirmed the 100MP smartphone.

With Manu Jain sharing the news, we can assume that the 100MP Xiaomi smartphone will launch in India.

The company hasn’t official confirmed anything, but considering India being an important market for the company, there are chances that 100MP camera phone will come to the country. India is Xioami’s largest market outside home turf China.

The Xiaomi 100MP camera will offer a screen resolution of 12032 x 9024 pixels. We don’t know anything else, but a  100MP camera phone is in the works. It’s most likely the Mi MIX 4.

Realme 64MP vs Redmi 64MP vs Xiaomi 100MP: How These Latest Camera Technologies Differ?

The Realme 64MP camera smartphone with Samsung GW1 has a 1/1.72? sensor. This helps the smartphone to create shots 1.6 micron individual pixel size. The imaging sensing technology uses Tetracell to produce 16-megapixel images as well.

The primary camera is a 64-megapixel shooter, and the Realme 64MP smartphone comes with a four camera setup.

The Realme 64-megapixel camera smartphone did vehemently better than the 48-megapixel sensor images, the current best in the market. The Realme images show better colours, more details, better shadow and accurate description.

There’s an even exposure in all the shots shared with right dynamic range. The camera can zoom in without much struggle or without losing details.

The post image processing is also playing a major role here. The camera software will be using AI to create better shots and retain most of the details. While the 64MP camera outperforms 48MP camera by a leap, we need to wait to test them hands on.

The 100-megapixel sensor use the quad pixel array (or pixel binning) technology, combined with a few more advanced features, to produce the magic figure of 100 megapixels. The 64MP camera will soon become a trend in the smartphone industry helping smartphones to take better shots with higher details and better dynamic range.

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