Xiaomi, Samsung Join Forces For 100MP Camera Phone; Realme, Redmi Ditch Sony Sensors

Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics have joined hands to introduce to the world two groundbreaking technologies – a 64 MP camera and a 100 MP camera sensor. The most interesting fact about this news is that the 100 MP camera sensor will be the first-ever camera sensor technology in the world. 

The 64 MP camera will be powered by Samsung’s sensor ISOCELL GW1, which will be later used in a Redmi phone first. 

While Sony was at the top of the game where sensors were concerned, the scene has shifted now. This time it is Samsung who has emerged the first company to introduce a 100 MP camera sensor technology. 

How will these advanced sensors be working? Let’s find out right here!  

Samsung Announces 64 MP Camera Sensor

Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics have jointly announced the launch of the 64 MP camera sensor, which is called the ISOCELL GW1. This sensor will be used in 

The GW1 sensor by Samsung will debut in one of the phones by Xiaomi’s sub-brand Redmi, which definitely tells us that the Xiaomi has ditched Sony for the camera sensors, and has chosen Samsung instead. 

The ISOCELL GW1 is a powerful sensor and will be capable of capturing excellent photographs at any lighting. This is because the sensor employs Tetracell and 3D HDR technology. The sensor uses a remosaic algorithm, which helps to create outstanding photos of 64 MP in daylight, the sensor also has high resolving power. 

The sensor uses ISOCELL Plus technology that boosts the light sensitivity and color fidelity, which in turn gives more precise and lucid pictures. 

Xiaomi And Samsung To Launch 100 MP Camera Sensor 

Xiaomi and Samsung Electronics have partnered up to launch the world’s first 100 MP sensor. This sensor does not have a name yet, and will be capable of taking photos of 108 MP, with a resolution of 12032 x 9024. This is the world’s highest-resolution smartphone camera sensor. 

It has also been revealed that this sensor will be used in a Xiaomi Mi phone, that will be launched in the future. 

The 108 MP camera will be overtaking the 100 MP sensor for the first time in the history of smartphones. Such a high class sensor will help users take pictures of super high quality, and will provide them with a lot of flexibility to use their imagination and creativity with this camera. 

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