Xiaomi 12 Ultra Design Will Surprise You! Check Xiaomi 12 Ultra Leaked Images

Xiaomi 12 Ultra Design Will Surprise You! Check Xiaomi 12 Ultra Leaked Images
Xiaomi 12 Ultra Design Will Surprise You! Check Xiaomi 12 Ultra Leaked Images

As we know that Xiaomi is already in the final stages of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra development and many renders of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra have appeared. 

But, guess what! We have a first look of some of the images that seem to show the real deal. 

Images Leaks For Xiaomi 12 Ultra

These images depict that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra comes with a center punch-hole screen. 

And why not as it is presently the mainstream design for flagship smartphones.

When it comes to the rear, this device has a pretty large camera module. 

It’s so large that the module occupies nearly one-third of the back cover space. 

In a closer look, in step design, the ring camera packs three cameras and many sensors and flash. 

but, the most eye-catching is the Leica logo in the upper right corner of the camera module. 

It becomes more conspicuous and recognizable with the white ceramic body.

We already know that the smartphone comes with a camera system that is jointly built by Xiaomi and Leica. 

Further, the device will be the most powerful imaging flagship in the Android camp this year, as per the reports.

Xiaomi and Leica Cooperation

Xiaomi’s new flagship will comprehensively enhance Xiaomi’s strength in mobile imaging and the camera experience of mobile phones, according to Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group.

Earlier, they announced that Xiaomi and Leica will cooperate.

After that there were reports that the first smartphone to reflect this cooperation will arrive in July. 

Xiaomi 12 Ultra
Xiaomi 12 Ultra

To top that, there is also news that the first device will be the upcoming Xiaomi 12 Ultra. 

Considering the product plan, the upcoming phone is undoubtedly the successor of “Android Light” – Xiaomi 12 Ultra. 

It appears that the announcement of the Leica cooperation and this brand new super cup flagship has piqued the curiosity of many netizens. 

So, everyone is looking forward to the arrival of this smartphone.

Xiaomi 12 Ultra
Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Battery Leak Appears For Xiaomi 12 Ultra

The popular Weibo leakster, @DCS, revealed the fast-charging capacity of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra a few hours ago. 

These leaks reveal that this smartphone will be having a 4860 mAh battery for supporting 120W wired fast charging as well as a 50W wireless fast charging. 

So far, this configuration appears to be the highest charging specification in the models.

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