Vivo Launches OriginOS With Stunning New Features: 13 Facts You Should Know

Vivo Launches OriginOS With Stunning New Features: 13 Facts You Should Know
Vivo Launches OriginOS With Stunning New Features: 13 Facts You Should Know

The smartphone brand, Vivo has officially unveiled its new custom Android layer named Origin OS, replacing its existing custom skin of FuntouchOS.

New Skin For Vivo Smartphones

The new skin is completely remodeled from the ground up, to make it absolutely distinct from FuntouchOS. 

Vivo aspires to create a new digital world with the launch of OriginOS.

New Features And Facts About OriginOS

Let’s have a look at some of the facts and features of this newly launched custom ROM.

  1. In terms of performance, OriginOS promises several enhancements to give a smooth, convenient, and secure experience to its users.
  2. It has introduced a brand new desktop grid system, bringing the Huarong Grid on the home screen.
  3. It has the flexibility to freely demonstrate the charm of every element of the desktop and a variety of imaginative layout combinations can also be created with each basic unit.
  4. The new OS brings behavioral wallpaper, officially known as performance wallpaper where Vivo engineers condensed the blooming process of flowers into just a few seconds.
  5. There is an improvement in message notification as OriginOS brings atomic notifications to extract key information and informs you what you care about at the right time.
  6. The OriginOS sends reminders in an elegant way to not to disturb the user, that too without avoiding missing a single message.
  7. There is an improvement in operations too where OriginOS comes with brand new navigation gestures for instance now no need to read complicated guides as the gestures have made them easy to understand.
  8. The new OS comes with 26 navigation combinations, can be completed by just clicking and operating and covers almost all mainstream operation methods.
  9. OriginOS also added an atomic component library to summarize all the atomic components to provide a variety of simple and convenient ways to retrieve them.
  10. OriginOS comes with an updated weather widget to optimize the weather information display form.
  11. It brings a brand new super card pack that can be customized according to the payment types that can be displayed.
  12. OriginOS having core system optimization supports the latest Multi-Turbo 5.0 to bring in memory fusion, process optimization, and application preloading technology.
  13. There are also new features added in terms of photography, games, and parallel worlds in Vivo’s OriginOS to explore.

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