Patna Railway Station Has India’s Biggest Waiting Hall: What Makes It So Special?

Patna Railway Station Has India's Biggest Waiting Hall
Patna Railway Station Has India’s Biggest Waiting Hall

As we all know that the Indian railway is set to improve on its hospitality and services continuously. They are constantly working to improve the stations across the country and provide better facilities to its customers.

While doing so, recently Patna railway station got a magnificent makeover with an all-new waiting hall to cater to millions of passengers.

They say that it is the biggest waiting hall in the history of Indian railway stations. Let’s check out what they have in store for us.

Luxury At Its Best

They have created the centrally air-conditioned waiting hall which has occupied an area around 7,500 square feet and house 300 passengers at the same time.

Patna Railway Station Has India's Biggest Waiting Hall
Patna Railway Station Has India’s Biggest Waiting Hall

That’s the no of seats placed in there right now, if required in the future, they can add 200 more seats to utilize the ample amount of space still present there.

The Indian Railway has announced that Patna waiting hall is the largest one on their network. Recently Indian Railway has disclosed information about it on there facebook page.

Equipped To Entertain

While giving more information on the hall, they said that it is equipped with 7 High Definition(HD) digital screens of 65 inches size. The screens are supposed to entertain passengers while showing information about trains.

The witing hall is also decorated by local art pieces. Its wall is adorned with beautiful Madhubani paintings painted in hues of bright colors.

Madhubani art was traditionally created by the women of various communities in the Mithila region in  India. It originated from Madhubani district of Mithila region of Bihar

Apart from central Air-conditioner, it has fans too. The entire area of waiting hall is illuminated by 100 percent LED lights concealed in the ceilings of the hall.

Though this is not the only railway station which got this kind of makeover in recent times. There are many others like New Delhi railway station, Kamakhya Junction, Asansol Junction, Mathura Junction, Haridwar Junction, Jaipur Junction, Lonavala, Adoni, Bellampalli, Sainagar Shirdi, Manduadih, Kurnool City railway station, etc.

These Railway stations not only have premium lounges, LCD displays, LED lighting and escalators but they are also adorned with local art pieces, murals and paintings to make them attractive.

Indian Railway Station Development Corporation (IRSDC) is working together with a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)  in the transformation of railway stations in the airport like hubs.

Currently, they are working at Habibganj and Gandhi Nagar railway stations.

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