Indian Railways Abolishes Flexi-Fare For Humsafar Express – This Is Why Flexi-Fare Makes No Sense!

Indian Railways Abolishes Flexi-Fare For Humsafar Express
Indian Railways Abolishes Flexi-Fare For Humsafar Express

Indian Railways has decided to abandon the dreaded flexi fare system in charging the fares of the Humsafar Express, and thus has given a reason to its passengers to rejoice!

This means the fares of the Humsafar Express will now be lesser than before. Also, the fares of the Tatkal tickets will also go down substantially!

The system of Flexi fares has always been bad news for the passengers of the Humsafar Express and it has never once gained a positive response, right from its conception. 

Find out more about the new strategy of fares of the Humsafar Express by the Indian Railways right here!

Indian Railways Removes Flexi Fare From Humsafar Express

The Indian Railways has issued a statement, wherein it is declared that 35 pairs of Humsafar Express, which have only AC 3-tier classes, will now be rid of the flexi fare system, and a ‘fixed fare’ system will be put in place. 

This statement issued by the Railway Ministry states that, “The existing variable fare system of the Humsafar class of trains has been done away with which means these trains will now have only `fixed` fare system.”

As per reports, the Tatkal fares have also been reduced. And now, the Tatkal ticket fares, which were previously 1.5 times of the base fare, will now be charged only 1.3 times the base fare. 

Why Isn’t The Flexi Fare System Feasible?

The national transporter had opted for the flexi fare system in 2016, with the intention to bring about a boost in the revenues. However, this was greeted only with criticism and disapproval. 

Initially, it was applied for only the Rajdhani, Shatabdi and Duronto trains.

The flexi fare system worked like this: 10% of the tickets are sold at a normal price, and then, for every 10% of the tickets sold, the price increases by 10%. The maximum price of the ticket under flexi-fare is 50% more than the original price.

While this did result in a boost in the revenues of the Indian Railways, it was always on the receiving end of the passengers’ condemnation as it cost them quite a penny. 

However, now that this widely disliked system has been discarded, the passengers of the Humsafar Express have a solid reason to rejoice!

We’ll keep you informed as more updates come in!

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