78-Days Bonus For 1.1 Million Railways Employees; Rs 2000 Cr Will Be Spent By Indian Railways!

78-Days Bonus For 1.1 Million Railways Employees
78-Days Bonus For 1.1 Million Railways Employees

We have great news for employees of Indian Railways! The Union Cabinet has announced a bonus pay of 78 days to more than 11 lakh railway employees.

The Indian Railways had also recently announced that they will open up employment for 2.5 lakh people, of which 50% quota was reserved for women. These jobs were under the RPF (Railway Protection Force) and GRP (Government Railway Police) to women.

The national transporter has always shown care and nurturing emotions towards its employees, firstly it was the emotional intelligence workshops for the employees to help them deal with the stress that they undergo. 

And now this huge bonus!

Read on to find out the plausible reasons behind this step of the Indian Railways!

More Than 11 Lakh Railway Employees To Get 78 Days’ Salary As Bonus 

During the media briefing on key decisions taken by the Union Cabinet by Union ministers Nirmala Sitharaman and Prakash Javadekar, it was declared that about 11.52 lakh employees will be given a bonus worth 78 days of their salaries.

As per reports, the Union Cabinet which is led by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has ‘approved the payment of Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) equivalent to 78 days wages to over 11.52 Lakh eligible non-gazetted railway employees (excluding RPF/RPSF personnel) for the Financial Year (FY) 2018-19, for maintaining industrial peace and motivation of railwaymen.’ 

The government went on to clarify that this step has been taken to show employees that their contribution towards efficient operation of the Indian Railway has been noticed. Another motive behind this is to spread the positive feeling of motivation among the employees of Indian Railways. 

This declaration makes it clear that this bonus payment will require the national treasure to spend an amount of Rs. 2024.40 crore. 

Is Privatization of Indian Railways The Reason Behind This Bonus?

We can’t deny that. The privatization of the Indian Railways has had the employees in high levels of stress, mostly about losing their jobs. This might be the Indian Railways’ method to assure them that they may not be facing the axe anytime soon.

There was another big news that made headlines about the Indian Railways reviewing the performances of employees, regardless of their age, which was to lead to retrenchment too. However, this was later denied by the Indian Railways. Find out what went down right here

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