Indian Railways is introducing “special” trains for festive season. See if your city is featured

There is also a ban on carrying a stove or a gas oven.

The Indian Railways has begun operations of 2,561 trips on 211 special trains (in pairs) till Chhath Puja or October 30, in view of extra rush during the festive season.



The Special trains will connect major destinations throughout the country via railway routes such as Darbhanga, Azamgarh, Saharsa, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur, Firozpur, Patna, Katihar, and Amritsar, among others.

With the help of this programme, traveling throughout major holidays like Navratri, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Chhath Puja, and Diwali became simpler, more pleasant, and more convenient.

These unusual trains were intended to run on several routes, making it simpler to travel around India.


The 02250 New Delhi – Patna Reserved Festival Special Rajdhani Express train will depart from New Delhi on 22.10.2022, 25.10.2022 and 27.10.2022 at 07.10 arrive at Patna Jn. at 06.50 a.m. the next day. 

In the return direction, the 02249 Patna – New Delhi Reserved Festival Special Rajdhani Express train will depart from Patna on 23.10.2022 and 26 .10.2022 at 09.00 arrive at New Delhi at 08.55 p.m. the same day.

It has additional 32 special services to ensure smooth and comfortable travel for passengers during this festive season, while 179 special services were notified earlier.

Yes or No to passengers items

Due to the extra passenger travel wing owing to the festival season, the Indian Railways has also put out an advisory towards passenger safety.

Passengers are not allowed to carry any flammable items and in the notification a comprehensive list it has added the prohibited items has been issued.

Those who can’t adhere to these restrictions are also likely to serve to be jailed or pay a hefty fine.

The West Central Railway will not be carrying firecrackers, petrol, diesel or any other inflammable items that can put the lives of passengers at risk.

There is also a ban on carrying a stove or a gas oven.

Passengers are also not allowed to smoke in the compartment or anywhere inside the train.

Sections 164 and 165 of the Railway Act 1989 require passengers to avoid travelling in a train with inflammable items like firecrackers, stoves, gas, and petrol.


Also a fine of Rs 1,000 can be imposed on them or even be jailed for three years.

Malpractices such as cornering of seats, over-charging and touting activity etc. is being addressed “by forming queue at the terminus stations under the supervision of RPF staff for orderly entry of passengers in unreserved coaches is being ensured,” it added.

Passenger help

Earlier, the Ministry statement also read that “May I Help You” booths are kept operational at important stations where RPF Personnel and TTEs are deputed for proper assistance and guidance of the passengers. Medical Teams are available at major stations on call. 

Ambulance with the paramedical team is also available.

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