With 2 Lakh Indian Employees, Cognizant Becomes Biggest MNC Employer; TCS Still #1 With 4 Lakh Employees

With 2 Lakh Indian Employees, Cognizant Becomes Biggest MNC Employer
With 2 Lakh Indian Employees, Cognizant Becomes Biggest MNC Employer

Cognizant, one of the leading IT companies of the world has become the second IT company to have a workforce of more than 2 lakh employees in India. 

With 4 lakh employees, TCS is still the biggest IT company in India, however, Cognizant is a US-based company and is second in line to have such a massive employee count in India. 

This makes Cognizant as the biggest MNC employer in India, and 2nd firm after TCS to have 2 lakh employees.

The CEO of Cognizant has lauded the Indian employees and bases of Cognizant in India as a ‘hub of our global delivery, solutioning and innovation.’

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Cognizant Hits A Headcount Of 2 Lakh Employees  

As per latest news, Cognizant has finally breached the 2 lakh employee count in India alone. While it is a global entity, the workforce of Cognizant across the world is almost 2.9 lakh.

Brian Humphries, Cognizant CEO, took this opportunity to express his appreciation about Cognizant India.  

Here’s how he appreciated the taskforce here in India: “We are fortunate to have many talented and engaged colleagues in India, more than 200,000 in all, who excel at serving our clients. The bright future of Cognizant India will see us building the industry’s most admired delivery engine, blending efficiency with innovation.”

With this, Cognizant has become the second biggest white-collar employer, following TCS. The company has added around 66,000 employees in the last five years alone. 

Cognizant has recently faced a lot of controversies, wherein the employees of the company complained against the global IT organization. The employees were unhappy with the long working hours and unfair leave policies of the company. 

This was also followed by Cognizant declaring huge bonuses and salary hikes, even in the times of layoff and huge unemployment. 

Total Workforce In India Of Top MNC Companies

Accenture, which was another company about which employees complained of long work hours, has a 1.7 lakh employee headcount in India, whereas IBM, or the Big Blue as it is popularly called, has 1.2 lakh. 

Infosys, which is based out of India has around 2.3 lakh employees, but reports say that a minimum of 40,000 out of these 2.3 lakh are stationed outside India. 

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