Shorts Break By Armoks Media Becomes #1 YouTube Creator In India For Shorts

Youtube has released its annual A YEAR ON YOUTUBE list for 2022, and there is some explosive news coming in from the house of Armoks Media.

Shorts Break By Armoks Media Becomes #1 YouTube Creator In India For Shorts

Shorts Break from Armoks Media has become the #1 Youtube Creator for Shorts videos in India, as their video: Baarish me Bheegna has been ranked #1 in their list. 

This particular shorts have garnered whooping 299 million views as of now, in a period of 5 months. 

This way, Shorts Break has not only created the most viewed shorts video in India, but also, the world’s 2nd most-viewed shorts. 

Information shared by Youtube via their stories and updates

Commenting on this development, Arun Prabhudesai, founder of Armoks Media said, “When we launched Shorts Break channel, our sole objective was to create a family-centric entertainment hub, which spreads joy and smiles all around. The character of Kaamwali bai proved to be the game-changer, as our audience went berserk over her antics and her charm. We are absolutely grateful and in gratitude for the excellent response, our shorts have received, propelling us to become #1 Youtube Shorts creator in India and the creator of the world’s 2nd most viewed shorts. This is an important and critical milestone in our journey. Congratulations to the entire Shorts Break and Take a Break team for this massive achievement!”

India’s Most Viewed Shorts, World’s Second Most Viewed Shorts

The shorts: “Baarish Me Bheegna” is indeed India’s most viewed shorts with 299 million, but it also is the world’s 2nd most viewed shorts, only after ‘Ouch’ which has generated 302 million views. 

Point to be noted here: While Ouch was uploaded 8 months ago, “Baarish Me Bheegna” was updated 5 months ago.

The swiftness and the velocity of views garnered by Shorts Break channel have set a new precedent for entire Youtube creators, in India and across the world.

Armoks Media, the parent production house of Shorts Break is spearheaded by Arun Prabhudesai, whose first Youtube channel: Trakin Tech is right now the fastest-growing tech channel in India with more than 12.6 million subscribers. 

Other Youtube channels created by Armoks Media include Trakin Tech English, Trakin Shorts, Mad For Fun, Take A Break, Trakin Auto, Trakin Tech Marathi, Wait For It and more.

You can find the entire list of 2022 A YEAR ON YOUTUBE here.

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