Canadian Visa Processing In India Gets A Boost: These 2 Indian Cities Will Be Able To Process More Visas

The process of getting a visa to Canada has now been made easier for Indians. 

As per the latest news, the government of Canada has decided to add two Indian cities, Delhi and Chandigarh, under Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy. 

Canadian Visa Processing In India Gets A Boost: These 2 Indian Cities Will Be Able To Process More Visas

Canada To Strengthen Visa Infrastructure In Delhi And Chandigarh

The Canadian government has opted to strengthen the current infrastructure of the entire visa process by adding more capacity in two Indian cities, Delhi and Chandigarh, as part of Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy, in an effort to simplify the process of obtaining a visa for Canada from India.

As per Sean Fraser, a minister of Canada, “The Indo-Pacific Strategy of Canada will have a significant influence on our economic potential, especially through fostering immigration that will deepen relationships between citizens of Canada and the area.”

As per his tweets, “We will also strengthen recruitment efforts through our international student program in order to attract the skills we need to support our economy and to strengthen ties with people across the region.”

He also stated that this investment will be essential in supporting our government’s efforts to speed up processing times and keep Canada a top choice for immigrants.

In his tweets, he announced “new funding to help further reduce visa application processing times with additional capacity in Islamabad, New Delhi, Chandigarh, Manila.

Canada To Spend $74.6 Million In Delhi, Chandigarh, And More

The minister announced that Canada will spend $74.6 million over the course of five years to increase the capacity for processing visa applications in New Delhi, Chandigarh, and other locations.

Canada plans to increase its immigration objectives and aims to let in a record number of new immigrants in an effort to fill the gap left by the labour shortfall in the nation. Sean Fraser, the minister of immigration, stated that “Canada needs more people.”

The majority of people are getting close to retirement. Additionally, one in seven Canadians are between the ages of 55 and 64.

One million jobs are currently unfilled, and businesses are suffering financial losses as a result of the labour crisis.

By 2025, Canada hopes to have admitted more than 60% of all economic migrants. Although somewhat fewer refugees will be accepted, it also hopes to reunite more families with family members overseas.

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