Family Members Of Foreign Workers In Canada Now Allowed To Work: Spouses, Working-Age Children Will Get Work Permits!

After its decision to strengthen visa infrastructure in Delhi and Chandigarh, Canada has now announced that family members of temporary international workers will also be allowed to work in the country.

Family Members Of Foreign Workers In Canada Now Allowed To Work: Spouses, Working-Age Children Will Get Work Permit!

Sean Fraser, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, recently informed the media that his agency will be granting work permits to relatives of temporary foreign workers.

Canada Govt Allows Family Members Of Temporary Workers To Work

With the expansion of its work permits to include family members of temporary international employees starting next year, Canada has taken a big step that will assist professionals from India and other foreign countries.

Before this change, a spouse could only get a work visa if the main applicant was employed in a high-skill job. By keeping families together, this interim approach hopes to enhance the employees’ physical health, mental stability, and financial security. According to the news release issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the worker is anticipated to better integrate into their entire work environment and community.

Starting in January 2023, Canada will phase in the expansion of wives and children of working age who are eligible to work there for all skill levels through a temporary 2-year measure. This would include, for instance, the families of employees in the hospitality, trades, and healthcare sectors.

More Than 200,000 Foreign Workers’ Families Will Start Working

According to estimates, more than 200,000 foreign workers’ families might start working in Canada as a result of this new strategy, providing additional opportunities for both foreign workers looking for employment there and for companies trying to fill their labour shortages.

He stated that employers all around the nation continue to see a labour shortage as their main challenge. By granting work permits to family members at all skill levels, this announcement will assist companies in filling their labour shortages by allowing over 200,000 foreign employees’ families to work in Canada. 

The Canadian government will continue assisting businesses in finding qualified employees while simultaneously promoting worker welfare and bringing families together, as per the minister.

By 2025, Canada hopes to have admitted more than 60% of all economic migrants.

Although somewhat fewer refugees will be accepted, it also hopes to reunite more families with family members overseas.

According to the 2021 census, there are 39 million people in the country overall, and nearly one in four were born abroad.

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