Faster Canadian Visa For All Foreign Workers, Students Including India! Canada Wants More Immigrants?

The Canadian government has now made the expressway more desirable for foreign nationals with special skills to get their permanent visas in the country.

Faster Canadian Visa For All Foreign Workers, Students Including India! Canada Wants More Immigrants?

The Express Entry system in the works by the country’s government, which had informed about earlier, has been passed, which will give working immigrants in Canada more freedom in regards to them getting more job offers easily and offers related to work experience, education and language ability.

In a recent development, the Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has unveiled a program which will focus upon increasing the number of foreign professionals and students in the country.

The plan will attract foreign professionals having skills and extensive work experience for permanent residence in Canada, especially in those fields where there is a shortage of labour.

The action, as per a Mint report, took place after the House of Commons approved the Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s Private Member’s Motion M-44.

“I look forward to making sure all temporary foreign workers and international students find a pathway to permanent residency. #M44,” read Sarai’s tweet.

The current government of Canada is looking for different routes to attract permanent residency for skilled foreign nationals in the country as temporary international workers are crucial to the country’s economy.

“Foreign workers bring a wide range of skill sets and educational backgrounds, assist corporate growth, creativity, and productivity, all of which contribute to the economic recovery and growth of Canada. They also help solve the immediate workforce needs of various companies,” the Immigration Minister Sean Fraser added.

According to the Labour Force Survey for May 2022, the only sector to have shown some growth has been the professional, scientific, and technical services sector, this has shown a gain of over 10,000 jobs. The gain has been mainly in tech occupations such as computer systems design and related services.

It states that the job vacancy rate in the health care and social services sectors has risen sharply to 143,000 vacancies, or 6.1%. 

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