These 4 Railways Zones Achieve 100% Electrification! Indian Railways Will Become Net Zero Carbon Emitter

The Indian Railways has achieved 100% electrification on four of its zones namely East Coast, South Eastern, Eastern and Central Eastern Railways reportedly, announced 

These 4 Railways Zones Achieve 100% Electrification! Indian Railways Will Become Net Zero Carbon Emitter

Union MoS for Railways Raosaheb Patil Danve.

Aiming To Become The Largest Green Railways In The World

This development seems to be in line with the Indian Railways’ aim of becoming the largest Green Railways in the world.

As it is moving towards becoming a “net zero carbon emitter” before 2030. 

This news was announced by Danve on Twitter,  as he stated that besides reducing carbon footprints, this will also enable seamless passenger and freight movement.

If Indian Railways achieve the “net zero carbon emitter” goal, it could lead to an annual emissions reduction of at least 15 million tonnes of CO2, as per a report. 

Not only that, this could further help in meeting the target of 5% of India’s Nationally Determined Contribution.

Which will result in saving Rs 17,000 crore in fuel costs and other savings per year. 

Growth In Passenger Traffic Revenue

Besides this, the Indian Railways also registered a growth in passenger traffic revenue and automobile traffic recently.

As we all know tha Railways helps automobile industry to quickly transport bulk volumes over long distances.

Additionally, giving the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.

The volume of transportation of small passenger vehicles (cars) has increased by 68% YoY during the first five months of the current financial year, according to the Indian Railways.

Coming to the revenue from passenger traffic, it was Rs 25,276.54 crore with a 116% increase of Rs 13,574.44 crore over the corresponding period of last year. 

Compared to last year, the passenger traffic also increased in both the segments including reserved as well as unreserved.

Moreover, these figures also point towards the increased use of trains.

Reduction Of Carbon Emissions 

While that is happening, the reduction of carbon emissions’ goal is all the more important now.

When it comes to electrification, it has increased nearly 10 times since 2014 as Railways had said in June 2021.

 In recent developments, Konkan Railway Corporation completed electrification on its entire 741-km route between Roha (Maharashtra) and Thokur (Karnataka). 

As we know that Konkan Railway connects Mumbai with Mangalore. 

This line passes through Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka along India’s west coast. 

Apart from this, the South Central Railway also announced the electrification of 163 km railway lines scattered across various sections in Andhra Pradesh.

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