Indian Railways Will Replace All Fuel-Based Vehicles With Electric Vehicles By This Date; Floats Tender

Everyone is riding high on electricity and electric vehicles to counter the challenges posed by traditional vehicles which has caused the decrease in the fossil fuels.

Indian Railways Will Replace All Fuel-Based Vehicles With Electric Vehicles By This Date; Floats Tender

This time around, riding the electric wave is India’s beloved Railways!

Centre’s Ambitious Plan to Make Railways Electric

Under a policy that was recently floated, the railways said that it has plans to replace its entire fleet of vehicles that run on diesel, biofuels, or natural gas with electric vehicles by December 2025, in a big boost to the Centre’s ambitious plan to make India a 100-per cent electric vehicle nation by 2030.

As per the policy, a vast charging infrastructure would be created at major railway stations, office buildings and parking lots.

To match the global benchmark, our country needs to set up 46,000 EV charging stations by 2030.

The Proposed Timeline

As per the timeline proposed by the railways for the zones, by December 2023 the target is to install the EV-charging stations and phase out 20 per cent of its fleet. By 2024, it is 60% and by 2025, it is 100%.

In the initial phase of three years, the replacement of the inspection vehicles in the divisional offices and the attached units would not be mandatory. This is because the vehicles would be required by officials for frequent visits to far-flung areas where adequate charging infrastructure may not be available.

On its own premises, Railways will create an affordable and accessible charging infrastructure for the users, including passengers, visitors and the general public.

For the installation of EV-charging facilities, the general managers of the zonal railways have been asked to advise their officers to identify and demarcate parking spaces in office complexes and station premises. 

At these very locations, Charging point operators (CPOs) would be invited to set-up EV-charging stations. There will be a parking fee for using the charging infrastructure, as decided by the railways.

The CPOs would ensure access to all compatible EV owners and have a mobile application for the EV users to locate and book the chargers and pay for the services digitally.

The chargers would be installed in accordance with the safety guidelines issued by the Central Electricity Authority or other competent agencies and departments. PTI ASG RC

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