Amazon’s Hyderabad Campus Has Area Of 69 Football Fields! 7 Amazing Facts You Should Know

Amazon's Hyderabad Campus Has Area Of 69 Football Fields!
Amazon’s Hyderabad Campus Has Area Of 69 Football Fields!

Did you know Amazon’s campus in Hyderabad, which is the company’s biggest campus outside of the US, is spread over an area of 68 acres? That is as much as 65 whole football fields!

The building has on its way to becoming the largest landmark in the city and has been endowed with numerous amenities. 

Amazon’s new headquarters in Hyderabad is the single largest building globally, and is plush, to say the least!

Find out all the numerous facilities in the building right here!

Amazon Builds Its Biggest Campus Outside of US In Hyderabad: Find Out What’s Inside!

Amazon has invested quite an incredible amount of money, Rs 1800 Cr for the development of this campus in an area near Nanakramguda, Gachibowli in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a popular city for big legends, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, Deloitte, Accenture, TCS, Wipro and Infosys.

At the inauguration of the building, Amazon Vice President and Global Real Estate and Facilities Director John Schoettler revealed, “The campus contains over 2.5 times more steel than the Eiffel Tower, measured by weight. Every detail is aimed at improving well-being and efficiency.”

About 2000 workers were on site every day for 39 months to construct the building. 

Amazon Hyderabad Headquarters: 7 Interesting Features of The Building

Here are some interesting facts about the Amazon Hyderabad Headquarters:

  • There are about 49 elevators in the building, and they move at an amazing speed of one floor per second! These elevators can transport 972 people simultaneously. 
  • The building itself is 282 feet tall and has about 1.8 million square feet office space, whereas the construction area is about 3 million square feet. 1.2 million square feet area has been reserved for parking and recreation. 
  • Amazon has provided several facilities for its employees such as Interfaith prayer rooms, a mother’s room, quiet rooms, showers, helipad and an all-day open cafeteria. Zumba classes have also been set up for the employees!
  • There are casual co-working spaces, and some private spaces for concentration and confidentiality. Also, there are about 290 conference rooms. 
  • The construction was given a Golden Trophy and Certificate from the National Safety Council for its safe construction and building processes. 
  • Keeping the environment in mind, Amazon has more than 300 trees and an 850,000-litre water recycling plant. 
  • Amazon’s Hyderabad Headquarters now has 15000 employees in a total area of 9.5 acres.

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