Pixel 5 XL, Pixel 4A Leaks Roundup: Android 11, Triple Camera, 120Hz Display, To Ditch Project Soli?

Pixel 5 XL has been leaked with a prototype, and the device is said to come with a similar design as the current Pixel 4 series. While Pixel 4A is already expected to hit the market soon, the renders about Pixel 5 XL reveal some key specifications.

Pixel 5 XL, Pixel 4A Leaks Roundup: Android 11, Triple Camera, 120Hz Display, To Ditch Project Soli?

A triple-camera setup inside a new design is spotted.

The Pixel 4 series didn’t launch in India, but the Pixel 4A is expected to come to India. Coming back to Pixel 5 XL, the new Pixel 5 series will don a new design at the back alongside a similar-like front design already previously seen on Pixel 4.

Pixel 5 XL: A New Design, Triple Camera

Leaked on Front Page Tech YouTube channel, the upcoming Google Pixel 5 XL is said to come with a similar sort of look as Pixel 4 upfront with a new design at the back. The prototype device is said to be Google Pixel 5 XL with a new camera module.

Currently, the Pixel 4 devices have a square camera setup along with the motion sensor on top.

Pixel 4 was introduced with a motion sensor, first of its kind where you can use your hand to wave over the smartphone to direct actions without touching the screen.

Coming back to Pixel 5, it’s a new design with the frames and the rear glass, with the rear camera getting to the top middle. 

Google is supposedly listening to the critics. The Google Pixel 4 came without an ultrawide camera, and the upcoming Pixel 5 will supposedly fill in the gap with an ultrawide angle camera, the third lens inside the set-up.

Google Pixel 4A Specs, Features: To Come In April?

Google Pixel 4A will be a toned-down version of the current Pixel 4, and it will come with Snapdragon 730 chipset, a mid-range 4G chip by Qualcomm. Pixel 4 series didn’t launch in India, but Pixel 4A will, though not officially confirmed by Google.

The predecessor Pixel 3A did fairly well, and chances of Pixel 4A coming to India are high.

Pixel 4A will have a polycarbonate body with a flat display and no curves. The leak hints at a display size of 5.7-inches diagonally. The company may go with a punch-hole with more thinner bezels this time.

Pixel 4A may have the beta Android 11 running out of the box.

More details on Android 11 will be available from the I/O 2020 event, the annual conference scheduled from May 12 to May 14 in Mountain View, California.

Last year, Google announced the mid-range Pixel 3A last year during the same period, and as per the rumours, Pixel 4A should be dropping in during the same time with expected India availability in a few weeks.

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