Google Pixel 4 Leaks Roundup: Spec Sheet, New Features, India Pricing, Launch

Google Pixel 4 Leaks Roundup
Google Pixel 4 Leaks Roundup

After iPhones, it’s now time for the next much-exciting series of the year, the Google Pixel. The internet giant is trying hard to make an impact in the hardware industry, and Pixel is its biggest bet now. The third generation Pixel smartphones tanked, and Google is keeping nothing unturned this year with the latest Pixel 4 series.

The upcoming Pixel smartphones are expected to bring the best you can find on a flagship Android device.

The company has revealed some key details already, and Pixel 4 series seem to be challenging me enough for the current flagships available in the market. While there’s enough rumours out, today we are rounding up all to get a complete list of all the variable rumours about Pixel 4 series including India launch, pricing details and more.

Here’s a complete breakdown of all the wide rumours about Google Pixel 4 series.


Pixel 4 Design & Display Leak: What’s On The Out?

Pixel 4 series will come with a glass sandwich design with matte and glossy finishes on different variants. The new Google device will pack a larger head to house in the new new face unlock hardware and the “Motion Sense” gesture system. Pixel 4 will have a 5.7-inch 1080p-equivalent 90Hz OLED “Smooth Display.”

There’s no rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, so either Pixel 4 come with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor or inside the display. Pixel 4 has no headphone jack.

New Facial Recognition Technology On Pixel 4: Project Soli & More!

The facial recognition tech on Pixel 4 is going to be one of the most advanced security technologies ever made for a smartphone. The company is making space for it on the device which creates a cutaway for top bezel. There’s Soli radar for gestures, a pair of infrared cameras, an IR flood illuminator and a dot projector.

Android 10 also has improved “face authentication” system like the Apple’s Face ID.

The Face unlock tech on Pixel 4 is powered by two infrared cameras. The flood lamp and dot projector will help to work in any way held, be it sideways or upside down. To make sure is safe and secure, the Face data will only be stored on-device in the Titan M security chip.

Other Tech: Speakers, 5G Support, eSIM & More!

Pixel 4 will come with a bottom-firing speakers, an upgrade over the current stereo front-facing speakers. The company is said to use improved dual-SIM functionality with Dual-SIM Dual Standby via the built-in eSIM. The FCC details don’t have Pixel 4 supporting 5G-specific features. The smartphone will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 which supports 5G via an external modem.

The company could be adding the Snapdragon 855 X24 modem with the additional external modem which could count for a 5G version of Pixel 4.

Pixel 4 Cameras

Pixel 4 will come with a two rear camera system featuring a 16MP in a telephoto configuration. The company has already unveiled a rear square camera bump which may also sport a ToF (time of flight) sensor to measure distance. The telephoto camera can zoom up to “8x”. It uses a mix of optical and digital zoom effects via software.

The Pixel 3 Super Res Zoom is also expected to be included with new “Motion Mode” for capturing photos in fast-paced scenes. Lastly the much-hyped Night Sight mode will help the camera to perform in low-light.

Upfront, Pixel 4 will have a single camera, a downgrade from the two cameras from Pixel 3 series. All the cameras will support the P3 wide color gamut for photos.

Pricing & India Launch

Pixel 4 series will be in line with the last generation predecessor series. In India, the cost is expected to be highly similar to Pixel 3 series in India. The company has lately been trying to focus on the Indian market, and Pixel 3A seemed like a failed try, but good enough for an impact.

With good Android stalwarts as OnePlus 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 in place, the Pixel 4 has to be priced very strategically.

Recently, Apple also unveiled XR successor Apple 11 at a cheaper price than its predecessor. In India, the regular Pixel 4 will start somewhere around Rs 60,000, and the XL model at a higher price. There will be different storage models available for both Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

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