Android 11 Launch Date [Top Features And Changes]: Android 11 Update, Spotted On Pixel 4

Android 11 has been spotted running on the latest Pixel 4 smartphone. Android 11 or Android R beta update was expected to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2020, and the new leak confirms the arrival of Android 11 beta update.

Android 11 Launch Date [Top Features And Changes]: Android 11 Update, Spotted On Pixel 4

GeekBench listing confirms Android R on Google Pixel 4.

The GeekBench Android version report confirms that the smartphone running on Android R is a Pixel 4 unit. The leaked unit seems to be running on an Android 11 Developer Preview build, and the beta will be available to the public very soon.

Android 11 On Pixel 4: Google Pixel 4 Android R Update

The GeekBench listing of Google Pixel 4 reveals that “Android R” update is available for the device. This seems like the Android 11 beta update. Google have already cleared out that they are dropping tue alphabetical order from its nomenclature for naming Android versions.

As Android 10 was termed “Android Q” in the beta before the final build was released, the Android 11 is being called Android R for now.

Android 11 Launch: First Devices To Get Android 11

The next Android version update or Android 11 will be unveiled by the end of the first quarter of 2020. The Android 11 beta is expected a few weeks, probably by March 2020. The stable update or the final build of Android 11 will take another quarter or so to be released.

Google will start with Pixel smartphones, and Android 11 final build is expected by August 2020. 

We will get the first glimpse of Android 11 upcoming features soon, as Google is set to reveal the latest update at the upcoming Google I/O.

The Google I/O will happen in May, after the beta version is released. Google Pixel smartphones will be the first to get the official Android 11 update alongside a few other smartphones from Oneplus, Xiaomi and more.

Android 11 Features: Android 11 Name, Android 11 Changes

The current Android 10 seems sorted, and Google will only be limiting it to a few changes and upgrades. As the company has already decided to drop alphabetical order from its nomenclature for naming Android versions, Android 11 won’t be called Android R or anything.

Android 11 will be called Android 11, as Google has decided to go with numbers without creating much confusion among users.

Coming to Android 11 features, the much talked-about change is going to be scoped storage. Set to be launched with Android 10, it was postponed to the next Android update due to some technical reasons.

The upcoming scoped storage on Android 11 will restrict users to access to particular files and information in any app. This will help the system to offer an enhanced performance by providing faster app processing and better security.

While system wide dark mode has already been added with Android 10, the Dark Mode on Android 11 is expected to offer a more seamless experience. Several apps can now be optimized for the dark mode, and some fixes are expected.

Google might add a more minimalistic theme with newer iconography on Android 11 with an option for Always-On-Display.

Coming back to dark mode, Android 11 may finally have the dark mode scheduler. It can help the system turn into dark once the sun sets, or according to your preferred timings. The battery saver mode may have some changes to offer extended standby with optimised battery output.

img: XDA Developers

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