Fed Up With Your Friend’s Whatsapp Stories? Now, Mute & Hide Them Forever!

Fed Up With Your Friend's Whatsapp Stories? Now,  Mute & Hide Them Forever!
Fed Up With Your Friend’s Whatsapp Stories? Now, Mute & Hide Them Forever!

Whatsapp has been up in news for a variety of reasons lately. Right since adding new emojis to major software changes, Whatsapp has been pushing itself forward to launch newer updates every now and then. In recent news, Whatsapp is known to have reportedly been working on a desktop version of the app that would allow users to use the messaging app on a PC without having to connect their phone to the Internet.

Most recently, Whatsapp is known to have been working on a feature for its beta version, where in you can finally have the ability to not see the status of your muted contacts.

You can Now Get Full Closure from Your Muted Contacts

People using Whatsapp status, just like Snapchat and Instagram stories, must have noticed that even after muting certain contacts, muted updates would still show up in the status tab, grayed out but within a separate section below all others. Now however, Whatsapp has introduced in its new beta version (version 2.19.260), which is already available (but in beta) that lets you hide muted stories altogether.

By muting someone’s story with the three-dot menu inside it, you can start.  Once that’s done, their content should be hidden in the Status tab with an arrow if you want to expand the muted section and see what’s there. This seems to be an A/B test currently, so you might not have it yet.

SO you can now toggle with the option as to if you want to see your muted contacts’ stories. You will no longer be shown their status even in grey. All this with the latest beta version. Also, you find the WhatsApp Beta v2.19.260 by signing up as a tester on Play Store and you can also download it from APK Mirror.

Recent Whatsapp Updates

Whatsapp has finaly rolled out the much requested fingerprint lock feature for its Android beta users. This feature will be available for all Android beta users who are currently using version 2.19.221 of the app.

Once the Fingerprint lock feature is activated, one needs to authenticate it by placing their finger on the scanner so that their fingerprint can be recorded.  Another important feature about this upgrade is that it will help users to hide the content of a new message that they receive.

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