Whatsapp Update: 5 Upcoming Cutting-Edge Features You Should Be Aware Of (September, 2019)

5 Upcoming Cutting-Edge Features Of Whatsapp Which You Should Be Aware Of
5 Upcoming Cutting-Edge Features Of Whatsapp Which You Should Be Aware Of

Whatsapp is always introducing new features to the app, and has recently revealed a few more updates coming to the app.

Whatsapp has already introduced the frequently forwarded feature, which is Whatsapp’s attempt at curbing the number of rumours going around the popular social networking platform. 

The messenger also introduced the fingerprint sensor for accessing the app as a part of the increased security feature.

And WhatsApp is now back with some more features for the app. Let’s look at the five most interesting features that Whatsapp is planning to introduce:


Multi-platform support for WhatsApp

Whatsapp is planning to introduce the Whatsapp chatting platform on multiple platforms at the same time. Once Whatsapp rolls out this feature, we will be able to use a single Whatsapp account on several platforms simultaneously. Also, we won’t be signed out of the previous device that we were using Whatsapp on. 

WhatsApp for iOS to support audio playback in notifications

This feature is specifically for iOS users. It will allow users to listen to an audio message right in the notification panel, and there will be no need to open the chat to listen to it. Also, the play receipt will not be sent right away, and only when the chat is opened.

Boomerang videos

Whatsapp is introducing a boomerang video feature, which is quite similar to that of Instagram’s. It will be available in the Video Type panel along with the convert to GIF option. As per reports, Whatsapp has been working on this feature for the past few weeks to make it free of any bugs. 

Dark Mode

We have been waiting for the Dark Mode of Whatsapp for a long time now, and it will be here soon. The dark mode will protect our eyes from the harsh light emerging from our smartphones. Given the huge amount of time we spend on Whatsapp, the dark mode will definitely prove to be of a lot of help.

WhatsApp calls using Google Assistant

Whatsapp is planning to work on a feature that will enable users to make Whatsapp calls with the help of Google assistant. Both audio and video calls can be made with the help of Google assistant. You will need to update the Whatsapp and Google assistant through the Play Store. Once it is updated, all you got to do is launch Google Assistant and say,  “Hey Google, WhatsApp video <contact name>.”

Dont all these updates sound exciting? We’ll keep you informed as we get more updates!

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