India Kicked Out Of Top 300 Ranking Of Universities; Only 6 Indian Institutions In Top 500 Ranking

India Kicked Out Of Top 300 Ranking Of Universities
India Kicked Out Of Top 300 Ranking Of Universities

Yesterday THE Times Higher Education has announced the World University Ranking 2020. According to the results, University of Oxford tops the list for the fourth consecutive year while Many others lost their positions.

It has mixed results for India as for the first time since 2012, Indian none of the Indian universities could make a place in top 300 in this list. Through the no of entries has risen from 49 to 56 this year.

How Did We Perform This Year?

Indan Institute of Technology, Ropar has performed well from India. It has debuted with 350 points and now share this position with Indian Institute of Science, Banglore.

There are six Indian Universities that could make to top 500 in THE World University Ranking 2020. Last year only five Indian Universities got featured in top 500 positions in 2019 list.

The THE World University Rankings 2020 include almost 1,400 universities from 92 countries. India is the fifth most represented country in the list with 56 qualifying universities. Around 10 Indian institutions which joined for the first time got selected in the global ranking list of 1,300 universities.

This year IISc fall from its ranking from 251-300 to 301-350 group hence leads to improvement in the research environment, teaching environment and industry income. With this fallback, in the last seven years, First time India could not make it to the top 300 leagues in the THE list.

Most of the Indian institutions retained their earlier positions, apart from IISc six other institutions lost their earlier ranking. There are some who have improved their ranking too like IIT-Kharagpur, IIT-Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia.     

According to THE list, Bengaluru based Universities performed well in India and now it shares its position with IIT – Ropar University.

A Vision To Improve Ranking In Future

While talking about Indian Institutions, THE representative said that Indian institute performs well in terms of the teaching environment and industry income while when it comes to the international outlook for both regional and international counterparts, it’s totally a different story.

Ellie Bothwell, THE ranking editor said “India has a huge amount of potential in global higher education, given its rapidly growing youth population and economy and use of English language instruction. However, it is disappointing to see the country fall out of the top 300 of the rankings this year, with only a small number of institutions registering progress. The Indian government has strong ambitions to boost the global standing of its top universities and attract foreign students, academics and research collaboration. It now needs to back up these aspirations with a high level of investment or risk declining further amid increasing global competition, especially from other parts of Asia”. 

Global Performance

The University of Oxford continues to top the list. UK universities faced a decline as new data reveals that the funding gap between the UK sector and other educational institution is increasing. Overall 18 of the 28 UK institutions seen decline in their earlier top 200 positions this year.

Japan has taken a lead over the UK in terms of most represented universities as Japan represented 110 universities while the UK represented 100 universities, hence gained a spot for second-most represented universities in the THE list this year.

Germany has also improved its no in the top 200  list from three to twenty-three, while China has improved its no by five to seven and Australia by three to eleven.

“It has long been clear that the emerging countries of Asia are going to play an increasingly powerful role among the global elite of higher education. It must also be stated, however, that the traditional Anglo-American powerhouses will not be displaced at the top of our rankings with ease” said Phil Baty, the THE chief knowledge officer. (reference TOI)

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