India Surveys: Handset market, Salary hikes, Indian students in US, card frauds, Women Job opportunities…


Surveys are descriptive research methodologies which include collection of data from the consumers or other focus groups for content analysis. Most of these surveys are directed at compiling analytical data which can not be determined directly or through text book sources.

However, surveys entail measurement procedures that involve reaching a certain perspective based on a limited sample reach of the study. The quality of the survey findings also depend upon the user-system interfaces and the indicative sample of the group being surveyed.


But, we at believe that surveys are a good way of staying abreast of new realities of life or what is expected of them in future. Though, some of these surveys might not be pin-point accurate; chances are strong that we might be approximately near to the estimated data findings.

For the rest of the surveys which are too wayward, we always warn our readers: don’t ignore them, but take them with a pinch of salt – that is, of course, unless the survey is pointing that salt is no good for high blood pressure patients.

Needless to say, we’ve dedicated this particular post to various interesting surveys and I am going to bombard at you a few recent survey findings in the remaining part of this post:


Global Handset Market – Reducing Prices, Increasing Ubiquity!

Over the next five years, with the increasing number of subscribers coming from lower middle income developing economies, the average size of the consumer wallet is expected to shrink. To meet this demand, manufacturers are likely to reduce the price points for mass-market phones, but at the same time increase the number of features in these low-cost handsets. Evalueserve estimates that approximately 70% or 4.8 billion of all active handsets will fall under the $100 price band by 2015.

Indian students in US want to be Teachers back Home

An online survey by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) provides that 74% of the 998 Indian students surveyed studying in the US want to return to India to work. Well, not sure whether this is the global recessionary impact or the true love for their motherland. But, mind it; almost 84% of these aspirants are interested in landing up a job in higher education sector.

India to see 12.9% salary hike in 2011!

I am sure; this survey might interest you if you’re into any kind of job, especially engineering services. According to Global HR consultancy group Aon Hewitt, employees of India Inc could see almost 13% salary hike this year due to good economic growth; in contrast to 9% rise in salary estimated for the fast-growing China.

Women need to reinvent top job opportunities!

Yes, women doing jobs is no strange sight in this new era. But, increasing number of women at top management positions is still not a reality. We do have few prominent professional women serving India Inc, but apart from that it’s a tough ride for them to climb up the ladder to occupy numero uno positions in their organizations.

The “Reinventing Opportunity: Looking through a New Lenssurvey by Accenture states that business women business professionals are satisfied with their current jobs but do not perceive further opportunity for growth or promotions within the corporate culture.

Specifically, over here, I would like to point out that a new Companies Bill which proposes that one in five directors should be a woman could prove as a game-changer in this regard.

Card frauds haunt half the users!

Just few days back we had an interesting post on Charge cards. But, it is a still a new concept in India. However, for most of those frequent debit and credit card users, the biggest financial security concern is frauds even as they still carry PINs with them.

According to the Visa Payment Card Security study, 46% of the Indian plastic money users are concerned about payment frauds through cards. Almost 51% change their passwords regularly, while 41% tweak it periodically to save themselves from card frauds.

So, any specific thoughts about surveys, in general?

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