E-Post Office – Ecommerce Portal of India Post Launched!


It has been heartening to see Government of India adopting Internet to bring various services to consumers. In another such initiative, Indian Post office has come up with an interesting and user friendly e-commerce portal – E-Post Office – that will offer bouquet of services to the consumers.

The efforts of setting up this portal must be applauded – There has been lot of effort been put in making e-post office user friendly and appealing to consumers. They have actually tried to replicate the environment of actual post office and is unlike any other drab online portals that Government agencies normally puts up. It is interactive and rich in media and presentation.

E-Post Office

In its first phase of launch E-Post Office will offer seven different Postal services –

  • Electronic Money Order (eMO),
  • Instant Money Order (iMO),
  • Sale of Philatelic Stamps,
  • Postal information,
  • Tracking of Express and International Shipments,
  • PIN Code Search
  • Registering of feed back and complaints.

I gave it a test run and all functions worked just perfectly. Some of the pages still use the old format of Indian post office website, but it surely is much easy for consumers than what it was earlier.

According to press release, E-post Office is a collaborative effort between Indian Post office and of public / private sectors. E-Post office is slated to be a full-fledged e-Market Place that will offer not only post products / services but non-postal as well. Also, India Post’s core competency in the mail-parcel segment will be leveraged for e-Commerce order fulfilment.

Try out E-Post Office and let us know what you think about it!

  1. Vinay Chowdary says

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  2. Roger Federar says


  3. pavithra says

    i want abour the e-post office system abstract immediately sir.

  4. Sandeep says

    The philately section on e Post Office has all dead links. I tried several times to buy stamps but every time it fails. Such a misery; you click on several stamps icon and quantity and in end the end it makes a fool of you!

  5. Indiran says

    Looks great. 3d / Zoom effect is very nice.

  6. Rahul Rao says

    That is such good news. I’ve been looking for a way to by philatelic stamps off late and am really glad to read this. Nice website, too. Something you wouldn’t expect from a Govt Dept.

    Arun, thanks for the article. Will share this on twitter. Any plans to add a “addthis.com” button to make that easier? :)

    1. Arun Prabhudesai says

      Hey, It is there…infact, there is bar at the bottom with which you can share… and also below the post there is a light blue colored bar from where you can share and print.

      Not that you mention – I think should put it on a more visible position :)

  7. Faizi says

    Today is the age of computer and internet. Various services are provide with the help of Internet to the citizen of India.

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