A new Laser which could revolutionise data management!


In today’s world, the most important thing on everyone’s mind is data. Whether it is collection of data, aggregation of data or sharing of data, everyone is running behind this buzzword. But, why is data so important?

Whether it is reading your mails, using social networking sites, working in the office with hundreds of files or even using your Blackberry at work, we are surrounded by data everywhere. If data is there, one needs to have gadgets to access. Once everything is ready, the speed by which data can be transferred needs to be very high.

And, this is where a newly developed laser technology by the scientists at Charmers University of Technology in Sweden could prove to be a game changer. It offers some fantastic features which make it unique yet very beneficial when compared to its conventional cousins.


The laser offers a speed of around 40 gigabits / second which is around 4 times that of the present technologies. It is also much more energy efficient when included in the fibre optics. It has a smaller volume, requires less power and the energy consumption is 1/4th that of the conventional laser. With such amazing features it will be a big boost for the speed of data transfer on mobiles, laptops and desktops.

Very different from a conventional laser, the light from this newly developed laser is emitted from the surface. This enables to not only to fabricate the laser easily but to also easily test it on the wafers before cutting it into individual chips for assembly.

This new technology could have strong applications in the large data centers run by Google, EBay, Amazon etc. It could also result in strong gains in performance for supercomputers around the world. Though commercial production may still take around a decade or so, its potential use cannot be under-estimated.

Have you any take on this?

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