Now You Can Track Lost Android Phones As Apple’s Find My: Google’s Android Phones Network

Google is working on a network of Android phones. The company is developing a new technology, a global expansion of Android Earthquake Alert system. Google is creating a network powered by Android phones, a network where all the devices will be connected within a network allowing each other to trace, locate and identify. This will help Android phone owners when they may have lost their device or misplaced it.

Now You Can Track Lost Android Phones As Apple’s Find My: Google’s Android Phones Network

The Google technology will be similar to Apple’s Find My network which can be used to track a lost Apple device.

All the Apple devices support the strong Find My network which can track iPhones, iPads, Macs and even the newly launched AirTag trackers. Google already has their Find My Device feature for Android devices. 

Find My Device network with the latest beta version of the Google Play Services update will run the new feature. The latest feature will allow Android phones to be located even if the misplaced phone is powered off. The previous Find My Device version could only find phones which are switched on and are connected to an active internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

As per the latest Google Play Services beta update, there will be an option to join the network or opt out of it, it will be your choice. As per 9to5Google, there’s something called Spot as well, which uses encryption and gets refreshed at specific intervals. Android phones have always been vulnerable to attacks and known for poor privacy, but Google lately has been focusing much on user privacy and experience.

It’s yet to be confused what the new network will be able to track, and whether it only remains limited to the phones or not. Google is yet to officially release the update. The latest feature will be able to solve the problem with tracking a lost Android phone without any active internet, mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity.

If Google can match up with Apple’s Find My technology, Android phones as part of a network could be something really helpful.

The internet giant is also working on the expansion of the Android Earthquake Alert system which will be rolled out globally later this year. The new Android Earthquake Alert system will use accelerometers on Android smartphones to detect seismic waves which primarily indicate an earthquake. So, if an Android phone detects any such kind of irregular motion, like shaking or vibrations, it will be sending a signal to Google’s earthquake detection server.

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