H1B Approval Of Infosys Employees Improve; 19,000 Indian Graduates Hired By Infosys!

On Sunday, IT Major Infosys Chairman Nandan Nilekani said that in order to serve the growing demand of clients for digital acceleration, it recruited 19,230 graduates in India and 1,941 – both graduates and associate degree holders.

Hirings Across India, Canada & UK

Nilekani added that with an additional 12,000 new American jobs across a variety of roles, Infosys also expanded the US hiring commitment to 25,000 by 2022.

Nilekani while speaking at the company’s 40th AGM said that the company is well-positioned for another year of “market-leading performance” in a post-pandemic, cloud-first digital era.

He added that the company has planned to create 1,000 digital jobs to fuel post-pandemic growth in UK and double Infosys’ Canadian workforce to 4,000 employees by 2023.

The 66-year-old business tycoon said that the company had healthy revenue growth at 5% in constant currency, totaling $13.6 billion in 2020-21.

Infosys Well Positioned For Post Pandemic Landscape

He noted that Infosys is well-positioned for another year of market-leading performance in a post-pandemic, oud-first, distinctly digital era. He said that the way of working has changed and so is the entire business landscape.

Supporting the community efforts in the country when it comes to Covid relief measures, the Aadhaar architect said Infosys has expanded its financial commitment towards COVID-19 relief to ?200 crore.

“F?r  em?l?yees  ?nd  their  f?milies  in  Indi?,  the  ??m??ny  h?s  set  u?  v???in?ti?n  ?entres  ?t  its  ??m?uses  ?nd  ??VID-19  ??re  ?entres  ??r?ss  l???ti?ns;  ??ll?b?r?ted  with  h?s?it?ls  ?nd  ?mbul?n?e  servi?es;  f??ilit?ted  ???ess  t?  ?xygen  ?nd  medi?ines;  ?nd  dee?ened  em?l?yee  su???rt.  Gl?b?lly,  we  im?lemented  m?re  th?n  900  em?l?yee  wellbeing  initi?tives  t?  hel?  them  better  m?n?ge  these  trying  times  ” Inf?sys  ?h?irm?n  highlighted  during  the  ?GM.

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