1. Srinivasulu Arlagadda says

    In the competitive world the people are busy with their work,
    employment and they are neglecting their parents in maintaining and.
    looking after their welfare due to which their parents are becoming as.
    baggers and orphans.
    Due to insufficient earnings, financial problems for educating their.
    children and maintaining their families now a days most of the people.
    are neglecting their elder family members in their old age and they.
    are leaving them in any where as orphans.
    Daily we are reading the above incidents in News Papers, viewing in.
    News channels and hearing the same. As per one survey 1300 old age.
    people per year are committing suicides in our State. The suicides
    are increasing year by year.
    The old age orphans are suffering from poor eyesight, unhealthy.
    hungry, homeless, dumbness and even though they are begging, no body.
    will come forward to help the old age orphans and they are facing.
    unbearable problems and troubles.
    The old age people are living as orphans and lifeless persons, though.
    they are having their own persons and they are doing begging under the.
    trees, in the bus stands, railway stations, footpaths what we have to.
    do their remaining lives as happiness? What we have to do help and.
    service as human beings? As a dutiful citizens we came forward with our own free will through.
    Sri.Arlagadda Vasu, Charitable Trust to help and do service to the old.
    age orphans with an intention to construct good old age home, to.
    provide residence to the destitute old age persons, to serve food,
    clothes and supply medicines to them freely under 24 hours supervision.
    and we intend to do their valuable remaining life with happiness until.
    their last breathing by saying courage to them.Since the construction and maintenance of old age home is the.
    financial problem, we intend to collect donations from the donators.
    We are doing as we like and we pray you to do successful our proposed.
    programme by helping us on humanitarian ground.
    you deposit donations directly to Union Bank of India A/c.No.

    407 5020 100 83609, IFSC – UBI No.540 757 or to send Cheques.
    and D.Ds to Sri Arlagadda Vasu, Charitable Trust, http://www.savctrust.in.

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