Best & Top ZooZoo Advertisements during IPL


TV Commercials during NFL Season are major talking point in the U.S. However, I see that no one talks about Indian TV advertisements during major events. Last year ZOOZOO Ads were craze during IPL, every one was talking about it.

Even this time around we have zoozoo ads, and some are really quite funny, they have not managed to generate as much buzz as they did last time around.

Here are some of the ZooZoo Ads in IPL Season 3 that I found quite good !


Vodafone IPL Contest – Be the Star of the Match Ad 


Zoozoo Newspaper Advertisement


ZooZoo Alien IPL Ad

Zoozoo Tribe Stars IPL 2010 Jokes Vodafone Ad

Really love the laughs & language of these ZooZoos, you cannot stop having a smile on your face if not a nice hearty laugh

Zoozoo Go Green Tree cutting Vodafone Ad


I am really looking forward for more of these ZooZoos :)

  1. […] The lovely Zoozoo Ads can never fail to tickle your ribs at the right places, can they? Back to launch Vodafone’s 3G services in India, a series of very likeable ads were released. The Zoozoo turned superman and performed unearthly tasks to denote the speed of Vodafone’s 3G internet. The campaign’s main aim was to tell audiences that Vodafone’s 3G is smarter, better and faster. […]

  2. […] about any ad that I remember during the matches and I could not recollect any, except probably zoozoo Ads, and that too because zoozoo ads are very creative and you enjoy seeing […]

  3. Nitika says

    Love the ZooZoo’s – unfortunately they have discontinued them.

    Check out the complete set on :


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