3 Pathbreaking Indian Ads That Prove Indian Brands Are Breaking The Mold & Embracing Boldness


Myntra Anouk Advertisement

Highly acclaimed marketing guru Seth Godin has often explained branding as a story which we tell ourselves, or rather which consumers of a brand tell themselves. It is not the logo or the advertisement spent which matters here; it’s the impact of the ideas and the vision which can create such stories.

Lately, Indian brands have decided to break the mold, the social hypocrisy and age-old chains of ‘ideology’ which are limiting the Indian youth, and making them compromise. Now, Indian brands have decided to embrace boldness, and showcase an unabashed viewpoint which resonates with a particular segment of their audience, and hence create the true branding.

Here, we present before you three case studies of such advertisements, created by Indian brands which are forcing us to re-visualize what branding is all about.

Ecommerce’s First Lesbian Advertisement – Anouk (Myntra’s apparel brand)

June marks the historical month, when an Indian ecommerce brand decided to break the shackles and introduce something which has never been experienced before: an advertisement showcasing the bond and love between Indian lesbians.

In order to promote their apparel brand Anouk, Myntra recently released an advertisement which is path breaking in every aspect. Two girls, who are in love with each other, are waiting for parents of one of the girls, and the fear, the apprehension and the emotions have been perfectly blended with the branding of their clothing products.

This India is new, fearless and knows what they are doing.

This daring advertisement has received applause and appreciation from all over the Internet and especially Twitter where their hashtag #anoukboldisbeautiful received surprisingly high number of mentions and clappings.

People were actually proud, happy and excited to view the unbreaking of social norms and traditions, which doesn’t matter anymore.

Earlier, Anouk had attempted to break the stereotyping with their other advertisements involving being a single mother and a single, independent lady. If we try to decipher the meaning, and relevance of the message which these TVCs attempt to spread, and connect them with Myntra’s exclusive apparel line Anouk’s branding, then we will be able to discover emotions such as ‘independent’, ‘successful’, ‘bold’, ‘self-dependent’, ‘fearless’ and ‘focused’.

Anouk – Bold is Beautiful – The Whispers

Anouk – Bold is Beautiful – The Wait

Yes, branding is successful for them.

First Indian Advt. Concerning Lesbians – Titan Fastrack

Titan, world’s 5th largest watch company, a Tata undertaking and having revenues of Rs 7000+ crore in 2014 came up with their completely radical advertisement for their Fastrack series of watches in 2013.

It was India’s first such ad where the sexual preferences of a lesbian couple were shown in the most enticing manner. The theme was ‘Come out of closet’, and once again, the way branding of their upscale product was embedded with the notion of ‘breaking free’ was amazing.

No wonder we didn’t see enough of this advertisement on TV, owning to censor ship laws as a same-sex relationship is still illegal in India.

Redefining Remarriages in India – Tanishq

Normally, advertisements concerning high net products such as jewellery showcases girl’s first marriage, and the excitement around that occasion: happy parents, blushing bride and handsome groom with dancing family members all around.

But in 2013, Tanishq, another brand under Tata Group, decided to showcase the concept of remarriage with an entirely new hue and color. Remarriages are a social taboo in India, and the society, in general, doesn’t approve this practice vehemently. For some orthodox people, it’s better to live in gloom and sadness, rather than remarry and bring in a new change.

With close to 1.3 million views, this unique concept of branding and breaking the mold certainly ignited a new level of interest and curiosity.

Interlinking social causes and branding is not for every company out there; but yes, when some creative & revolutionary mind sit together, then such magic do happen.

Have you come across any such path-breaking Indian ads ? If so, drop us a comment!

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