6 Brands That Created Stunning FIFA World Cup Ads [Must Watch]


Football fans are right now going berserk with the excitement of FIFA Worldcup which is currently happening in Brazil. As per a recent findings, World cup soccer fans are 21 times more fanatical compared to Hockey fans; 11 times more crazy compared to Golf fans, and 4 times more passionate compared to basketball fans.

ESPN has already reported that compared to 2010, 21% more viewership has been recorded (After 23 matches). The USA vs Ghana world cup match has already broken all viewership records till now as 11 million Americans and more than 20 million viewers from all over the globe watched the match. It is expected that the final will be viewed by more than a billion TV viewers!

FIFA World Cup TV Ads

Brands, which are always seeking more and more leverage to encash world’s popular game are not leaving any stone unturned. Some of the brands have created mind blowing ads to entice and entertain it’s soccer fans. Here are 6 brands which have absolutely nailed it:


Beat Electronics:

Beat, based in USA sells audio products which are generally considered high quality. They have created one jaw dropping video advertisement which has generated whooping 18.5 million views till now on YouTube. Arguably, one of the best commercial on Football till date.


120 years old consumer and personal care product company has always been very enthusiastic about Football. They have already roped in Soccer superstar Messi as their face in the worldcup, and the advertisement they have produced has created ripples across the world. It also features Tennis superstar Roger Federer. This advertisement has raked in 27 million views so far!


Nobody needs an into for Nike; which sells sports products and is considered the world leader in its niche. Every world cup they create mind-blowing advertisements which has very little competition in terms of creativity and innovation.

The Last Game ad, created as a short animated movie, featuring Ronaldo had scored 10 million views within first 24 hours of release on Youtube and as of now, has more than 53 million views. Very smartly, they have blended in their new mobile apps with this ad as well, which is actually a very smart marketing move.


When talking about Nike, morally, we cant skip Adidas! The cut throat competition between Nike and Germany based Adidas is quite popular. Not to be outdone by Nike, they have reportedly created their biggest ever sports marketing campaign this world cup. Their ad: All In Or Nothing with star power such as Messi, Alves, Ozil etc have generated 35 million views as of now.


Although not a not a famous advertiser for sports related events, Hyundai has created a stunningly beautiful advertisement for FIFA World Cup. The viewership of this ad on Youtube hasn’t touched millions yet, but the story and the concept is hilarious.


Another shockingly creative advertisement, this time from VISA. The advertisement features Zidane, who was famous for that head butt against an Italian player during 2006 World Cup. The ad: “What Happens Next” actually makes you smile.

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