Virgin Mobile sets foot in India with 2 great TV advertisments


Image from WikipediaI have said this repeatedly earlier and I am saying it again. I love Indian TV advertisements. They not only pass across the message in those limited 10 seconds, but the fun element in it keeps the viewers wanting for more.

The 2 recent addtions to my favorite list are 2 maiden ads released by Virgin Mobile to set their footprint  in India. Both of them are very funny and leaves viewers craving for more.

Here are the videos:

The Signal fine ad:

No interest in guys Ad:

Aren’t they really funny! Have a great week ahead.

  1. christie says

    Hi Priya, If you love ad’s, you will love , it has over 750 brands ads organised category wise for easy viewing.

  2. Priya shah says

    I absolutely love their ad’s

    They even have their presence on other social media mediums

    Thought thats a great think, On twitter at least i think they are noise:P

    But I love the ad’s and cant stop watching them every time they are on.

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