Which is the most creative television advertisement in India till date ?


There is something I enjoy in India that most of the other people hate.

The Indian TV commercials.

I find them very very creative. Some of the best advertisements in recent years have been from Pepsi and Coke. The rivalry between these two soft drink giants in India has bought out the best of creativity in their TV commercials.

The Indian TV advertisement market size is estimated to touch 3 billion dollars (12,000 crore rupees) in year 2007.

The following advertisement is my choice of best creativity in Indian TV advertising. Many of the readers may not agree,however, according to me it has an exaggerated creativity and brand image that Happydent white chewing gums has created due to these ads is just amazing ! This one is actually third ad in their series. The earlier two got progressively better (The Photoflash by teeth and the Cow Teeth), but I thought this was way better than previous two and very expansive. I have not been in India in last year and half, so if there is another ad which has come in, please let me know !

The Airtel Ad is without words, yet very moving ! excellent choice Shubham !

I would also love to hear readers choice for best advertisement on Indian TV. Please leave a comment and I will feature it here with attribution.

  1. […] from WikipediaI have said this repeatedly earlier and I am saying it again. I love Indian TV advertisements. They not only pass across the message in those limited 10 seconds, but the fun element in it […]

  2. Jugmendra Baliyan says

    Great. Ads are the most creative their own time. I can't stop myself sharing one more list which states the best tv commercials of 2012. http://www.goingbranded.com/best-tv-commercials-2012/

  3. J-B-P says

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  4. Sanjay Soni says


  5. Sunil Modak says

    these two ad.. are mind blowing……i would like to thank the creator who creats like such an advertisement……

  6. Suvendu Jana says


  7. CSKmail says

    I’m not a student of Advertising or movie making but I remember one AC Black Apple Juice ad aired some where i early 2000 with punch “Kuch bhi hau sakta hai” http://youtu.be/XBd_n_VO8Nc

    I still can’t forget that girl in that commercial. I don’t know whether the idea was original or picked from somewhere but after 11 years memory that sensuous lady still lingers on in my fertile mind ;)

    I think her name is Cicele Issacs but I am not able to find any reference to her on Net, It’s just a silly unfading curiosity that is not going away. So if any one of you happen to know her real name and more about her, plz do me the favor to let me know of this

    Thank to you all

  8. vidisha says

    Nice ads but just check sony’s advt also. I saw sony’s ad for their new range of TVs with xreality technology. It has a beautiful display of all features of this technology. That is why this ad stands out. Technology can become very complex for everybody to understand, this ad wins because it makes the new technology simple to understand. And of course it has great music as well. You can watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzQN4CBn-FQ
    Do share your videos on this ad also. Thanks

  9. Sivakumar Shanmugasundaram says


  10. Gunja Nishad says

    nice advtaising

  11. Nilanjan Naha says

    That's this is Airtel.

  12. vipin says

    All the adds that mention on the top are really good but in recent the Passat adds are really very creative and force the viewer to think such an creative adds and beside it i love kit kat break with logo “Break to banta hai “

  13. Cruiser says

    Few ads, now a days are good to watch are:
    1. zoozoo from vodafone
    2. new cadbury ad, “mitthe mein kya hain?”
    3. airtel ad- 3g wala, a boy in army talks to his girlfriend-“soldier ke najar kabhi niche
    jhukna nehi chahiye”
    4. fevicol-a cycle sticks to a truck and irritates the driver by the cycle bell “cling cling”

  14. kalpana says

    zoozoo is a good add fevicol ka jod hain and yeah… fewiquik, mentos, cadbury
    some ads do contain messages small and catchy but this airtel ad is too long for people to drive away from the main point.

  15. Sudarsan Sen Gupta says

    Now the best tv advertisement is of KIT KAT. Then others may be judged.



  17. Sarika Singha says

    Hey.. thanks for posting all these videos. By any chance if you have any more old advert images/videos please upload it. I am very interested in collecting old packaging and advert posters. I don’t mind admitting I was born in the 80’s since we had so much fun chewing Big Babool bubble gum which gave out free tattoos, buying chips for 2 rupees, going off for jam sandwich picnics… We had a whole different brand of fun then.. Oh, that reminds me, has anyone seen the new Sil Ad? It’s pretty much the same idea…glad at least some things haven’t changed

  18. RajaRajan says

    I myself very interested in making advertisements and Very keen in doing adds ..The one who wishes or welcomes new creative ideas..just mail me

  19. Hemant says

    One of most creative ads would be MENTOS AD DIMAG KI BATTI JALA DE

  20. rakesh says

    i like the ad of pepsi,coca-cola,thums up,mirinda,liril 2000,lifebuoy,navratna,airtel ,aircel and many more.i can’t finish writing.the internet page isn’t enough!

  21. rakesh debbarma says

    i like the ad of parachut by anuska sharma with the tagline ‘champi kiya to darna kiya’ which is also a holi special ad.recently the close-up kissing ad is also a nice ad.my most favourite ad is of tata tea with the tagline ‘subha mein sirf utha mat jago re’.it works for national awakening.in my language the tagline goes ‘phung o ta simi bacha di sicha di’.this is in kokborok language of tripura,india.

  22. Gagan goyal says

    i nd my family lov advertisement of lux(aish)

  23. Gagan goyal says

    i nd my family lov advertisement of lux

  24. sumanreddy says

    yes today indian advertisements are nice.I also interested to create new concepts if any one of u have any add company give me chance.

  25. RITURAJ SHRIMALI , Indore says

    Accoding to my opinion I think top rated avertisement I have seen is IDEA network, it gives a new way to the advertisement industries

  26. sachin says

    i think pidilite FEVICOL ads are the most creative ads in the indian television history. they are targeting there customer very effectvely without using any big celebrity. they make the product as a brand. and their creativity is mind blowing.

  27. sachin jain says

    i think pidilite FEVICOL ads are the most creative ads in the indian television history.
    they are targeting there customer very effectvely without using any big celebrity.
    they make the product as a brand. and their creativity is mind blowing.

  28. Anshul says

    I think the Dhara add (the one i which small boy decides to leave home and then finding that jalebis have been prepared ad goes back to his room)…..
    the word “Jalebiiiiii” were so cute………….

  29. Rahul B says

    Hamara Bajaj ads!!

  30. rashid says

    i really appreciate all of ur view.i want to make a career in advertising

  31. shraddha awasthi says

    n plz peple help me i wanna do mba in advertising so which is the gud insitute for advertising……………..plz do reply

  32. shraddha awasthi says

    happy dent alawys came up wid fantastic ad’s n airtel give the best ad’s recently the ad for champions league the frends one all r the best………even cadbury gives the nic ads the best thing abt cadbury is they dont underestimate or compare their product they just show wat best they have ………..

  33. maddyyy says

    hey there are many more adds which i think , are pretty creative..
    but i wouldlike to ask you all whether the adds acted by kids are more creative or those done by film starz?
    what do u think????

  34. sonali says

    i think the 1 mentoes ‘dimag ki batti jala de ‘ is a marvalous concept indeed…..evolution of man. wat it realy showed was a conceptual n thoutful ofcorse!!.. 4rm a animal 2 social animal is realy somthin da company has come out wid was realy mind blowin 1………n ofcorse 2 mention da hapy dent 1…jio INDIA!!

  35. AMIT says

    Hello Friends,

    I’m searching for best advertisment making company or institute, I want to work & study for this kind of creativie advertisement making firm or institute.
    I’m basically a software engineer and working for a big MNC “SAMSUNG”, I get really fade up with this line, there is no any value for your creativity, ideas & imagination.
    I really want to pursue my whole life for creativity, so please guide me the best.
    I’m belonging to NCR region ( Delhi), so is there any company or institute which is mainly working for creative advertisements which can give me the
    proper direction to my dream world.

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  36. angel says

    ZOOZOOS ROCK……….JUST LUV THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. sher singh yadav says

    in my point of view,Dainik bhasker newspaper’s ad.is best of one.i like MS Dhoni’s punchline: jid karo,duniya badlo.this punchline address to all categories of people.

  38. anjan deka says

    i like d advt of airtel. specialy the inocent boy called his dad with toy mobile(attot bishwas,attot network). another airtel ad was that a small girls asks his dad what to drawing in mid night. there was another creation dat two boyz were playing in no mens land, itz amazing.these are the most creative ad of recent years by airtel to touch comon human emotions.above all, the signature tune of airtel which was made by A.R.REHMAN makes an impact on these ads and penetrates all part of indian markets.these are best ad of all time

  39. anjan deka says

    i like d advt of airtel. specialy the inocent boy called his dad with toy mobile(attot bishwas,attot network). another airtel ad was that a small girls asks his dad what to drawing in mid night. there was another creation dat two boyz were playing in no mens land, itz amazing.these are the most creative ad of recent years by airtel to touch comon human emotions.above all, the signature tune of airtel which was made by A.R.REHMAN makes an impact on these ads and penetrates all part of indian markets.

  40. Preetham says

    Vodafone Ads series which they have released for ipl are awesome. Ad will sure sit in ur mind. It’s character are also unique. You can download those from vodafone website only.

  41. Rashida says

    I don’t know why but no one remembered those series of Coca-Cola ads by Aamir Khan..
    I they were very creative. We would love to see more of these ads by Aamir..

  42. NILESH says


    I am interested to create advertisement.
    I make some advertisement like Sony Ericsson, Cadbury, HP computers, coka cola etc. but I don’t no where I can show my advertisement. I want to start my career in advertisement industry. Plz inform me what should I do.

  43. aditi vats says

    well these dayz itz vodafone’s ad that’s vd tagline “sabko batao” whr a guy who furious vd his class result suddenly saw pass written in front of his name.n a gal loosing her weight to 55 kgs..amazing capture of emotions.
    another ad by lmn lemon drink is smthn i m really upset vd…:-(
    there can be smthn more than a shrinked guy vd thirst can be shown …subjectively i dont like dt ad!!
    but the ad by himani fast relief where humans r turned into machines is shown is just awesome n d background score is beautiful!!


    Well there’s no doubt that Indian Advertisements are out of the world ! Let me say that though they are quti good, just imagine a guy like Sachin Gupta who is an aspiring MBA student cum artist, could not remember the “BRAND”. So there goes all the money of the company who spent millions in producing the advt but even educated guys do not remeber the brand name !!!!

    Sad isn’t it ????

  45. sachin chandra gupta says

    yeah i m an theater artist, doing mba in hr. I really appriciate some of the advertisements.
    1..one which is very well choreographed the advertisement of ‘happydent white’in which many young men were hang on the lamp posts,on shandeliar in a palaceand some other good scenes..

    2..the second one is recently launched by airtel which is beautifully crafted and presenting the real innonance of a little boy when he make a complaint to his papa about his mother with his playing toy mobile.

    3.. anothger i m skipping the name of the company. bt i can’t forget the tag lines used in that ad..”aapko kya chahiye bas khwaab thode jyada” it is trully real.

    the list is very long as indian ads industry is full of creativity…

  46. OMNATH.K.S. says

    According to me, the advertisement from nokia is the very best one. Because the purpose of advertisement is to cover the customers.. The nokia, doing this… Good one….

  47. anju says

    i m so happy to see a lot o ppl sharin der views… well ill say i >love ol de vodafone ads(alerts,sms offers,caller tunes) they no wat they wnt an they show it in such a gr8 simplicity and anyone an everyone gud relate to such a situation,

    >i love the latest ing vysya ad wiv mere des mein paisa sirf paisa nahi he.. beautiful background score…
    >an i love de ad wer the kid hide her tooth 4 her bro to buy the car i don rem which bank its thou..
    >i love the mentos ad wer the guy pretends to run out of the class an den enter.. really creative
    >i love the tanishq ad wiv asin wer her husband adornes her wiv diamonds jus to envy the ladies lookin on cuz de wer annoyin her wiv de flowers on their hair.. the greyish bluish tint is awesome and the way de hve highlighted the diamonds in a backwater scenario awsome

  48. Sheela says

    I would pick the havell’s ad as my favourite….shows the son moulding a small peice of wire to enable his mother to make chappatis for him on the roadside…very touching…the background score is also soothing….

  49. Namrata says

    I like jaago.com ads the way they are tring to encourage the people to be a part of indian politics is commendable.

  50. ella says

    how did u estimate the indian advertising market?? i thot it was much lesser

  51. Subhashis Roy says

    I would like to know the name of the lady who is in the current Borolin AD…who plays the role of mother.

  52. mukund joglekar says

    One of my most favourite adverts on TV: The Chlormint_Panwari_2008 spot. (The one showing why poor Ghanshyam is obliged to eat Chajju panwala’s favourite mint instead of his own favourite!) Entertaining, humourous, full of gags, effective. I started to list the number of gags, and quit counting around 30 (the thing is just 56 seconds long)! The gags include outlandish sight gags, and many cultural tongue-in-cheeks. Excellent audio commentary. Very good editing.

  53. DS says


    can some one please tell me what trade press (creativity magazines/sites) is best to read when looking at the Ad industry in India

    thank you

  54. Sudarsan Sen Gupta says

    The AD of SPECIALIST WIRE is now amazing and nice. It has compared
    each of our field of specialisation.

  55. yogesh kumar says

    i know there sentiments in airtel ad but there is no social awareness and India as we all know that It is far away fom Education level oo gorund level Don’t you think there are lots of advertisement which can touches our sentiments.

  56. pallak says

    well…acc. to me airtel keeps it emotional appeal always alive…
    the best ad is where two boys are playing football… amazing

  57. Sudarsan Sen Gupta says

    In my opinion, the most nice and creative TV  AD is of Complan in which two
    children very nicely explain the quality and composition of the product.

  58. yogesh kumar says

    Accoding to my opinion I think top rated avertisement I have seen is IDEA network, it gives a new way to the advertisement industries as well as the viewers who think that advertisement only sells products or nothing else but it sell product as well as aware viwers about importance of education.

  59. Esha says

    I think d ad of MAX Newyork LIFE INSURANCE is really v gud…wher a woman enters home n keeps lukin here n dere 4 her husband n doesn’t get ne response 4 a while..it clearley depicts d logic of risk and uncertainity attached to death and hence d insurance…"Your partner of lifetime"..

  60. Supriya says

    the virgin mobile ads are really good.
    among the older ones, i loved the kinley ad where the kid gives his pregnant mom water in a bottlecap (for the baby)
    also the old cadbury commercials "kuch khas hai hum sabhi mein", especially the one with the girl dancing across the cricket field celebrating her boyfriend’s century.
    the nike cricket commercial!!!! where everyone plays in a traffic jam! sure looks like fun ;)
    the new maruti suzuki ad :come home in a maruti suzuki 
    and finally the TATA tea ad : the one with the politician (utho nahi, jago re!)


    hello from greece
     the song of the promotion video HAPPY DENT is AMAZING…..

    1. sonali says


  62. sumit says

    my favorite add is of airtel where two boys are playing football….it really show humanity and tell us there is no limit………….its above the limits…..

  63. SA says

    My vote goes to Feviquick and some of the old Fevicol ads. They were really good.
    Here is the list of my favourites:
    Sony Bravia

    Worst Ads:
    Manoranjan ka Baap–IPL cricket

  64. sg says

    i definitely agree with the happy dent ad being extremely creative. however, i dont really think much of the airtel ads. in the end all one had to do is change the airtel logo with that of vodafone and then what? what is the basic reason behind an ad? it might be a strong visual but conceptually it lacks strength.

  65. Arpana says

    The most recent, I love the series of ads that Virgin Mobile has come up with. Its different, innovative and promotes out of the box thinking.
    1) A boy gets caught by a traffic police for jumping the red light. He is fined but he shows his empty wallet. The policeman tells him to call his father. He gets his ‘dad’ online to speak to the traffic policeman, where he refuses to give the money and tells the policeman to throw his son in jail. The policeman gets sympathetic towards the boy for having such a harsh father and lets him go. Later we get to know that the father was catually a friend of the boy.

    2)A daughter tells her parents that she has no interest in boys. The parents get very scandulous. Then she receives a call from a guy friend regarding a trip to Goa which she refuses. The parents then insist that she go to Goa. The mother is still apprehensive but the father says ” ladka hai, achha hi hoga”. And later she is shown happy and calling her boyfriend that the trip in on!!!

  66. Vinod andrews says

    All the aboive mentioned ads are good. However I feel that Voda fone ad in which they show a person listening to only one song all his life and passing on the same to his son KABHIE KABHIE MERE DIL MEIN and also the MENTOS new animated Ad. I think Vodafone had always the best ads even when it was hutch.

  67. atul srivastava says

    i think that idea ads very creatively they say na jat na pat .

  68. Sudhey says

    The ads mantioned above are gr8 but my fav one is the recent ad of motoyuva, in which they synchronise the actions of the lad’s dad with the song Garam Masala !
    It is really one of the funniest commercials on tv today, and much beter than motoyuva’s last one

  69. puru says

    the recent vodafone alert ads are fabulous. The one ‘calm mind can overcome a storm’ is quite thrilling for the background score. Cheereo!!!!!!

  70. Nalini says

    The most recent airtel ad is one of the best – it shows two boys playing football in no man’s land.

  71. Sunil Kumar Tiwari says

    I think that
    * the advertisement of the HDFC Standard life insurance
    with the tag line of ” Sar utha ke jiyo ” can be
    considered as one of the best advertisement of indian
    * Second can be the advertisement of Bajaj XCD 125cc which
    shows the innovation,creativity and passion as it shows
    the assembly in invisible(graphical) phase first then
    onwards starts to apeear in final shape.

  72. raji says

    i think the safari ads… the first one with kim sharma(guessing) hitch hiking… in the middle of a river(cool background score)… n then the new series of “RECLAIM YOUR LIFE” ads… are too good… the latest one in it… which speaks of lines in it… n ends with – “the lines which matter the most are the lines that u make”… reclaim ur life- ads have added mystical touch to their product… something that stands apart… sets u free… which i believe is quite appealing…

  73. puneet gaur says

    2 ads that we seem to forgetting here are:
    1. hamara bajaj ad…still gives me goosebumps….
    2.fevicol ad in which a creaky bus is shown with unimaginable number of passengers…

  74. christie says

    If you guys like ads, http://www.indibiz.tv is all about ads. No interruptive soaps, just commercials!
    It is the first interactive online video directory for brands – recall, compare and respond

  75. anusha lewis says

    the fewiquick add in which the fisher man sticks fewiquick on a stick and catches fish is a very creative add.

  76. stained says

    there hasn’t been a fevicol ad for a very long tym, but they still are one of the best ads that i hv seen..
    in the current scenario, The ads by mentos are preety good and a few months back there was an ad by Bank of India featuring a Boy and his Piggy Bank.. beautifully crafted, vch surely touches the emotions of the viewer..

  77. bhamism says

    Creativity wise, yeah Airtel gets the cake….but I think overall execution wise, relevance etc … havent seen a better ad then “that cadburys ad”

  78. Lakshmi Aravamudan says

    The Airtel ad is indeed the best of its creativity!!! very touching and moving. but relating to the service requires more the repetition of the same ad to register in mind. some people might skip the last frame. Some people might remember every scene but not AIRTEL!

  79. Shubham says

    The best ad I think would be airtel, the one where they give various lines like “one finger can break a billion hearts, one voice can move a nation, another can break walls …. ” it is really an amazing and extemely moving ad.

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